1 week Pregnant

When a woman is 1 week pregnant, she is not yet actually carrying. In fact, she is having her regular menstrual flow during this week. However, doctors calculate pregnancy from the first day of a woman’s last menstrual period (LMP). This is because women don’t know exactly know when they have actually ovulated and conceived, and besides, menstruation is the body’s way of preparing for the next possible pregnancy.

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At 1 week pregnant, the woman’s body is actually very busy in anticipation of a possible conception. For couples who are planning to conceive, stressful events and situations must be avoided at week 1, and instead focus on the blissful aspects of having a baby. Doing so will improve their chances of conceiving as well as help avoid unnecessary pregnancy risks.

 1 week pregnant, what to expect 

Nothing is remarkable during the 1st week of pregnancy because there is no baby yet, as the body is preparing itself for conception. Still, a woman might be plagued by a wide array of confusing emotions in week 1 due to the raging hormones as she menstruates and as her body approaches ovulation which will typically occur a few days after her period.

Symptoms of 1 week pregnancy

At this stage, the woman will experience the following symptoms.

  • Tiredness

A woman who is at the first week of pregnancy will usually feel tired due to the hormonal changes occurring in her body.

  • Changes in breast size and body temperature

During menstruation, the woman may feel that her breasts seem to have swollen and her body temperature has slightly increased.

  • Mood swings and anxiety

It is normal for any woman to feel anxious on the 1st week of pregnancy due to the changes in hormone levels during her period. Hormonal changes are also responsible for mood swings and stress during the 1st week.

How to Prepare for Pregnancy at week 1

Early preparation is essential to increase the chances of conception, and the following things will help out.

  • Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition will benefit the woman not only during the preconception stage but throughout the course of the pregnancy. This generally involves eating the right kind and the correct amount of foods. Engaging in regular exercise will also help the woman feel better and increase the probability of conceiving.

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  • Healthy lifestyle

It is important for women who are planning to conceive to live a healthy lifestyle even before this week. This will not only help them get pregnant but also reduce the chances of miscarriage, birth defects and other pregnancy-related complications. Low birth weight and pulmonary diseases will likely occur if a woman smokes before and during pregnancy as this obstructs the ability of the body to absorb folate. In addition, alcohol consumption also increases the chances of fetal abnormalities, mental retardation and miscarriage, so drinking alcoholic beverages must be avoided by pregnant women and those planning to get pregnant. Stress can likewise greatly affect a woman’s chances of conception, so it must be reduced.

  • Prenatal vitamins

Taking prenatal vitamin supplements is another way for a woman to prepare her body for a successful conception. They are precursors for the nutrients the baby needs throughout its development.

The woman may not yet be nurturing a baby in her womb when she is considered 1 week pregnant. Still, this is a crucial time for preparation in anticipation of the coming of a new life.

1 week pregnant pictures

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