10 weeks pregnant

A woman who is 10 weeks pregnant may not show off her pregnancy bump just yet, but this week is another high point for her baby. The embryonic cycle has recently ended and her baby is now officially called a fetus. The vital organs and facial characteristics are taking form at this time. Moreover, the bones and cartilage are quickly developing as well.

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At 10 weeks pregnant, mothers-to-be may find some level of relief from morning sickness, but new symptoms may also arise. Week 10 may not be as challenging as the previous week, but the woman may still get exhausted easily and experience mood swings. Moral support from the family, friends and her husband proves invaluable during this time.

What to expect at 10 weeks pregnant

Week 10 is an exciting time for the expecting woman, with the following things to look forward to.

  • Fetal heart beat

When a woman is already 10 weeks pregnant, she can now hear her baby’s heartbeat through a Doppler device. Also, fetal movements are perceptible by the mother, which is both inspiring and breathtaking.

  • Weight gain

The anticipated weight gain for this week lies between 1 and 3 pounds, and another couple of pounds by the end of the first trimester. While it is normal for the woman’s weight to fluctuate during the first trimester of pregnancy, it is important to have it within the recommended range due to the risks of fetal problems during delivery or after birth if it is beyond or below the ideal range.

  • Pregnancy symptoms

The symptoms may be less severe when the woman is already 10 weeks pregnant, but new pregnancy symptoms may also appear like skin problems. Pimple or acne breakouts usually occur due to continuous changes in the hormonal levels.

  • Risks

The chances for the occurrence of congenital malformations may be low at the 10th week of pregnancy, but pregnant women should still be careful as they are not safe from miscarriage. It is best for them to keep away from hazards that can bring harm to the baby.

Fetal Development at the 10th week of pregnancy

The baby is now a fetus measuring around 31 to 42 mm and weighs about 5 grams. His or her vital organs are starting to work and continue to develop up to maturity throughout the course of the pregnancy. The 10-digit toes and fingers have developed and his/her legs and arms can now be bent. The placenta is taking over in supplying the nutrients needed by the baby.

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Symptoms of 10 weeks pregnant

Aside from morning sickness, the following things can also be felt when a woman is 10 weeks pregnant.

  • Swollen and inflamed gums

The gums are also affected by hormonal changes during pregnancy, making them swell and inflamed.

  • Pimple or acne breakouts

This is normal at week 10 due to the high level of hormones in the body, resulting in excess production of oil.

  • Gas

Pregnancy hormones are again to blame for embarrassing flatulence which is further aggravated by gas-causing foods and improper eating habits.

  • Vision changes

The increased volume of blood during pregnancy heightens blood circulation which thickens and twists the corneas.

A woman who is 10 weeks pregnant can now feel her baby’s movements and hear the heartbeat; all of which are worth the sacrifice for all the unpleasant symptoms she is experiencing.

10 weeks pregnant pictures

Here are pictures of a woman 10 weeks pregnant, including belly images, ultrasound and fetal development

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