11 weeks pregnant

Most women finally take a break from the disagreeable effects of morning sickness when they are already 11 weeks pregnant. This week also marks another achievement for the baby as he/she gains more mass and improves his/her senses. Many spill the good news about their pregnancy to their colleagues around this time and take up some travelling as the pregnancy bump is not yet considerable.

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At 11 weeks pregnant, the woman should still be choosy with what she eats as her diet will have a great effect on the health of her developing baby. She must eat sensibly by choosing the right kind of foods that is good for her growing baby.

What to expect at 11 weeks pregnant

There are plenty of exciting things to look forward to in week 11 and these are:

  • Pregnancy symptoms

The expectant mother will find that her pregnancy symptoms are getting less severe as she begins to feel better this week. Even if the pregnancy bump is not yet pronounced, the ill effects of high levels of hormones continue to strike her emotionally.

  • Weight gain

The weight gain at week 11 is anywhere between 3 and 4 pounds which can be visible on the breasts, buttocks, hips and belly.

  • Healthy tips

It is important to eat a balanced diet during the entire course of the pregnancy. Even if there are no specific foods to avoid from week 11, pregnant women should reduce their consumption of foods with high mercury content as this substance is dangerous for the fetus. It is also imperative for expectant mothers to keep themselves hydrated to prevent constant bouts of headaches.

Fetal Development at the 11th week of pregnancy    

The baby is about 50mm this week and weighs around 8 grams. He or she is growing quickly with the toes and fingers getting more distinct.  The fetus also starts to move his/her fists as he/she gains more coordination. Little buds in the oral cavity also start to appear which will eventually become the teeth. In addition, the baby’s vital organs are continually developing with the heart beating at the rate of 168 beats per minute, while the other organs are doing their jobs as well. Week 11 is also the period when the diaphragm develops and the first hiccup is made, though barely this is noticeable by the mother. This is also the week when the baby’s ovaries or testes develop.

Symptoms of 11 weeks pregnant

  • Occasional dizziness

This is felt due to the insufficient blood in the circulatory system. Eating healthy, small, regular meals a day helps relieve the dizziness.

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  • Hair and nails are growing faster

The hair and nails are growing remarkably faster in week 11 due to the high levels of pregnancy hormones.

  • Headaches and migraines

Women with issues of migraines and headaches will find them getting worse at the 11th week of pregnancy due to uncontrolled hormones, fatigue and stress.

  • Gas

This is also normal and is often associated with constipation. The increased progesterone hormone slows down the metabolic processes, thereby leading to gassiness and constipation.

At 11 weeks pregnant, the expectant woman will find her symptoms less intense than the previous weeks.  She will likewise start to feel her growing baby by this time.

11 weeks pregnant pictures

Here are 11 weeks pregnant belly pictures, fetal development and ultrasound

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  1. gabbie says:

    I am eleven weeks pregnant…I feel so excited and so tired…bad news is that I am still a student and find it hard to stay wide awake during lectures, especially when it is hot…what makes me more happy is that my pump has started showing and people stopped saying: “OMG!!you have gained wait.” and started saying: “oh my, you are so pregnant 🙂 …it feels so good to be right now

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