13 Weeks Pregnant

Women who are already 13 weeks pregnant will find that their early pregnancy symptoms have gotten much more bearable. This is a remarkable week for future moms as their energy and vigor have just revived and they start to display the pregnancy glow. Furthermore, this is another incredible period for the baby for his/her development.

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At 13 weeks pregnant, some peers and colleagues will now notice the pregnancy bump. It would be of great importance for moms-to-be to wear comfortable clothing and be extra careful with their activities and diet to accommodate the growing baby.

What to expect at 13 weeks pregnant

A lot of exciting things await future moms in week 13, and these are:

  • Weight gain

Since it is the final week of the first trimester, the amount of weight gained is anywhere between 5 and 6 pounds. From this week onwards, weight gain is still expected at about 1 to 2 pounds per week. It is important to avoid tight-fitting clothes to reduce abdominal discomfort.

  • Pregnancy symptoms

The unpleasant pregnancy symptoms are slowly disappearing when a woman is already 13 weeks pregnant. As a result she will regain her energy and vitality which were somewhat overshadowed by the dreadful effects of morning sickness in the earlier weeks.

  • Risks

The probability of miscarriage at 13 weeks pregnant is low, but not entirely impossible. In fact, some women are still at risk of losing the baby even on the 20th week, such as in the case of those suffering from incompetent cervix.

  • Revived sexual vigor

As women enter their second trimester of pregnancy, they find that their sexual appetite is back. Some even find that their sexual enthusiasm has gotten more intense than before due to the increased blood flow throughout their bodies.

Fetal Development at the 13th week of pregnancy

At 13 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is now bigger at 2.5 to 3.5 inches long, weighing around 2 ounces. He/she is bigger this week than the previous week, but the mother may still be not showing a huge bump yet. Tiny hairs known as lanugo are starting to grow all over the baby’s body. Week 13 is a remarkable time for the baby as this is the week when the baby’s bones harden.  What is more, the baby is now able to move his or her arms. The head may be larger at week 13 but the eyes are nearing their rightful positions. While the brain is nearing maturity, the pancreas is beginning to make insulin.

Symptoms of 13 weeks pregnant

  • Bigger breasts and darker areolas

13 weeks pregnant women not only find that they have bigger and tender breasts but the areolas and nipples are getting even darker.

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  • Visible veins

They may be unsightly, but visible veins are welcome signs that the body is doing its job in carrying the nutrients to the baby.

  • Tender gums

This is also common in the 13th week of pregnancy due to increased blood circulation.

  • Pain in the ligaments

This is felt due to the increased uterus size that causes mild abdominal pain.

At 13 weeks pregnant, a future mom will find that pregnancy is getting easier, while the baby is growing rapidly in her womb.

13 weeks pregnant pictures

Here are 13 weeks pregnant belly pictures, fetal development and ultrasound image.



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