14 weeks pregnant

Being 14 weeks pregnant is considered as one of the best times of pregnancy. As the dreadful symptoms go away, the baby bump also becomes more obvious this week. Week 14 is another great week for fetal development since the baby’s organs are already in place and continue to mature.

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When a woman is 14 weeks pregnant, she has now officially entered the second trimester of pregnancy and the stage of so-called honeymoon pregnancy. This is because the woman’s sexual drive has come back due to the absence of terrible morning sickness and other first trimester pregnancy symptoms.

What to expect at 14 weeks pregnant

  • Weight gain

A pregnant woman can anticipate gaining between 5 and 6 pounds of weight if she is carrying a singleton, and double that value for a multiple pregnancy. From week 14 onwards, the baby will increase in weight as it puts on more fats.

  • Pregnancy symptoms

Morning sickness and other inconvenient pregnancy symptoms will be gone when a woman is already 14 weeks pregnant, but new sensations may appear. Her energy level will be back to normal and she will experience a renewed sex drive.

  • Exercise

Pregnant women can engage in some forms of exercises at the 14th week of pregnancy.  Pregnancy exercises, which prove useful in speeding up the delivery process, will also help the woman feel better throughout her pregnancy.  Some of these healthful exercises are swimming, prenatal yoga, walking and stationary biking.

  • Diet

A 14-week pregnant woman should keep away from dieting, and make healthy food choices instead. Dieting could only lead to low birth weight and a malnourished baby. It could also make the delivery more complicated.

  • Risks

Even if miscarriage will not likely occur, risks are an inevitable part of pregnancy as everything the mother puts into her body will affect the fetus in her womb. These hazards are not limited to food, but involve anything that the mother ingests inhales or apply onto her body. 

Fetal Development at the 14th week of pregnancy

The baby weighs around 3.5 ounces and measures 3.5 inches long at week 14.  He/she gets her nourishment from the placenta. The baby’s kidneys are already functioning and he/she urinates every 30 minutes. Meanwhile, the spleen is starting to make red blood cells. While his or her body is getting more proportional, the facial features are also becoming more distinct. As the muscles gain more mass, the baby also begins to make some squinting, grimacing and frowning expressions.

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Symptoms of 14 weeks pregnant

  • Constipation

A common nuisance among 14-week pregnant women, this is caused by the high amounts of iron the body has to prevent anemia.

  • Gas

High amounts of progesterone hormone slow down digestion which results in the accumulation of gas.

  • Back pains

The additional pounds gained as well as the shifting of the body’s center gravity due to the enlarged uterus result in back pains.

  • Stomach itchiness

This occurs as a result of the stretching of the skin to accommodate the fetus’ growth. Stomach itchiness could also be attributed to hormonal changes.

Being 14 weeks pregnant generally means lesser dreadful pregnancy symptoms and a more enjoyable pregnancy.

14 weeks pregnant pictures

Here are pictures of 14 weeks pregnant including belly pictures, ultrasound images



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