15 Weeks Pregnant

Women who are 15 weeks pregnant will find this week really inspiring despite the emergence of new unusual symptoms. This week is the time when the fetus has become more sensitive to the outside environment. Although his or her reactions and movements are scarcely perceptible this early in the pregnancy, the baby reacts to anything that is happening outside. Furthermore, this is also the week when the baby’s gender can be determined.

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The 15th week signals the beginning of the fundal height measurement conducted by the doctor. This is done regularly to ensure that the baby’s growth is just right for his gestational age and is consistent. This week may also mark the emergence of new infections, so future moms must be aware of these as well.

What to expect at 15 weeks pregnant

  • Weight gain

The weight gain at week 15 is anywhere between 5 and 7 pounds; though some women could gain lesser or more than these values.

  • Pregnancy symptoms

New symptoms could be felt by a 15-week pregnant woman, though a number of women still experience the first trimester symptoms on top of the new ones.

  • Risks

Miscarriage is less likely, but infections could easily strike at this time due to the mother’s compromised immune system. One of the most common infections at 15 weeks pregnant is UTI or urinary tract infection which occurs due to the high level of progesterone which relaxes the muscles in the urethra and encourages bacteria to thrive in the anus and urinary tract.

Fetal Development at the 15th week of pregnancy

The baby at the 15th week of pregnancy is already 4 inches long, weighing around 3 ½ ounces. This is also the week when the baby’s bones grow harder and continue to harden through the course of the pregnancy. The fetus is practicing breathing through the amniotic fluid, the taste buds are developing, and he/she is starting to suck on his/her thumb. He/she can now bend his or her elbows and knees more freely.

The baby’s ears can now hear sounds from the outside environment.  In addition, even if the eyelids are shut, the baby can sense light and react to avoid it. Since the baby’s ears are getting more sensitive this week, the woman or parents should try to avoid issues and tensions which could affect the fetus’ psychological development.

Symptoms of 15 weeks pregnant

  • Nasal congestion

This is a result of the inflamed mucous membranes in the nose as a result of excessive hormonal production. Nasal congestion could happen even if the woman does not have colds, though allergens can make this happen as well.

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  • Abdominal cramps

As the uterus becomes larger, the ligaments in the pelvic area stretch further which results in twinges and cramps on the lower abdomen.

  • Gas

Gas occurs due to the increased level of progesterone which relaxes the muscles in the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in sluggish digestion.

  • Pregnancy confusion

The changes in the hormonal concentration make it hard for a pregnant woman to focus on things, making her mind wander and daydream.

15 weeks pregnant women may find this week very exciting as the pregnancy symptoms become less severe and the fetal sensitivity increased.

15 Weeks Pregnant  pictures

Here are 15 weeks pregnant belly pictures, baby bump and ultrasound images. See how the baby looks at 15 weeks.


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