16 weeks pregnant

One of the exciting things to look forward to at 16 weeks pregnant is the first ever perceptible butterfly kick. This is a happy moment for the mother and another milestone for the little resident in her womb. The baby tends to grow even faster at this time, with the body getting more proportionate to his or her head.

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At 16 weeks pregnant, the expecting mother will finally lose her sexy figure and will take on a pregnant shape for the rest of her pregnancy. This development is a cause for celebration as it is another indication of the rapid development occurring inside.

What to expect at 16 weeks pregnant

  • Weight gain

Women who are 16 weeks pregnant should expect a weight gain of around 6 to 10 pounds, or more for those with multiple pregnancies. While the rate of weight gain differs from one woman to another, it is important for pregnant women to eat sensibly. The additional weight may pose a challenge for a comfortable sleeping position. In this case, many find that sleeping on the side feels a whole lot better.

  • Pregnancy symptoms

Many women feel better on the 16th week of pregnancy as the queasiness, frequent urination and tiredness are totally gone.

  • Risks

There is a very low chance for miscarriage on week 16, but it could happen even to those who live a healthy lifestyle. There are several factors that can lead to miscarriage and sometimes, this can be caused by diagnostic trauma from certain tests.

  • Tests

The doctor may ask for an AFP test or alpha-fetoprotein test which helps in the early detection of chromosomal abnormalities and spina bifida. MSAFP test (maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein test) may also be done to check for neural tube defects.

  • Fetal movements

The fetus’ movements, which feel like butterfly touches on the stomach, are now discernible.

Fetal Development at the 16th week of pregnancy

The baby on week 16 weighs over 3.5 ounces and is already 4.5 inches long. By this week, the baby’s body is catching up to his or her head and is getting more proportionate. His or her hair is beginning to grow; at the same time, the facial muscles are gaining more mass, making him or her capable of making different facial expressions inside the womb. The ears and eyes are developing and in their correct places.  The baby can also cough and hiccup.

Symptoms of 16 weeks pregnant

  • Pregnancy glow

This symptom is the best part of pregnancy, which is characterized by rosy, glowing skin which is caused by the heightened blood flow.

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  • Nose bleeds

Often associated with nasal congestion, nosebleeds are caused by the raging levels of hormones that make the nasal mucous membranes swell.

  • Faster growing nails

This is highly noticeable both on the fingernails and toenails. Some women even notice that their nails have become more brittle.

  • Abdominal pain

This is often felt due to the expanding uterus and aggravates when the woman stands for extended periods of time.

  • More vaginal discharge

The amplified blood flow and estrogen level will result in increased vaginal discharge which may or may not have a mild scent.

The mother will remember the 16 weeks pregnant phase as the week when she first felt a kick from her baby.

16 weeks pregnant pictures

Here are pictures of 16 weeks pregnant, belly bump and ultrasound images. See how the baby look on the 16th week pregnancy

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