17 weeks pregnant

Being 17 weeks pregnant is another exciting week for a future mom because she looks more pregnant now and the baby is getting bigger and bigger. Besides, the fetal movements are more discernible in week 17 as the baby’s bones get even stronger and the muscle mass improve.

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The renewed energy enables the 17-week pregnant woman to engage in some forms of light activities and exercises. This is also a timely week for the expectant mother to bond with her unborn child as he/she can now hear, feel and respond to any stimuli from the outside world.

What to expect at 17 weeks pregnant

  • Weight gain

Women on their 17th week of pregnancy can expect an increase in weight of around 7 to 10 pounds. Those having multiple pregnancies will gain even more.  Pregnant women may have different weight gain rates, but it is important for them to be mindful of what they eat and continue eating and living healthily to nourish their babies growing needs.

  • Pregnancy symptoms

Most women will find week 17 very relaxing due to the absence of the uncomfortable early pregnancy symptoms and the emergence of comforting and pleasant pregnancy signs such as enlarged breasts and bigger bellies. Even so, some slightly bothersome pregnancy symptoms may still be felt by some, though these do disappear after the baby is born.

  • Risks

Pregnancy loss at the 17th week may not likely occur, but a pregnant woman should still be extra careful. The renewed energy may inspire an expecting mother to do some cleaning around the home. This may not pose any problem and can even serve as another form of exercise. However, she must be cautious when using household cleaning agents that contain harmful and toxic chemicals as these can infiltrate the placenta and cause harm to the baby.

Fetal Development at the 17th week of pregnancy

At 17 weeks, the baby now weighs around 5 ounces and has grown bigger at 5 inches long. The strengthened bones enable him or her to make stronger movements inside the womb. Finger and toe prints, as well as the sense of touch and hearing, are starting to develop as well. The fetus also begins to make his or her first bowel movement and starts to play with his/her thick and long umbilical cord. Week 17 also marks the development of the prostate for the baby boy.

Symptoms of 17 weeks pregnant

  • Digestive problems

These often come in the form of indigestion, flatulence, heartburn and other digestive issues. There are various reasons why these occur, one of which is the growing uterus which pushes the abdominal organs upwards. The high level of progesterone is another reason for these digestive problems.

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  • Increased vaginal discharge

17 weeks pregnant women will find that their vaginal discharge is odorless with a milky color.  This is a result of the heightened production of estrogen and blood flow through the genitals.

  • Posture issues

The shift in the center gravity of the body upwards as the uterus gets bigger is the culprit for the alteration in posture. As such, back pain is often felt. Wearing low-heeled shoes can help alleviate the symptom.

Pregnancy has become more exciting and wonderful for a woman who is already 17 weeks pregnant as the baby’s movements become more intense and evident.

17 weeks pregnant pictures

Here are pictures of 17 weeks pregnant including belly bump photos, ultrasound images. See how the baby appears on the 17th week of pregnancy.


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