19 weeks pregnant

At 19 weeks pregnant, the expecting mother will witness numerous changes in her body and often finds herself spending wonderful time bonding with her unborn child. Also, week 19 is another fruitful week for the baby as it grows more rapidly and become more sensitive to everything that happens outside. Most women feel optimistic on week 19 as it is almost the half-way point of pregnancy.

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Being 19 weeks pregnant entails a number of both pleasant and unpleasant pregnancy symptoms. While many find the uncomfortable symptoms truly frustrating, they are comforted by the fact that these will disappear once the baby is born. Besides, pregnant women should be cautious in managing the symptoms and avoid self-medicating as this can have a huge impact on the baby.

What to expect at 19 weeks pregnant

  • Weight gain

A woman who is 19 weeks pregnant is still in her second trimester and is expected to have gained around 7 to 10 pounds of extra weight.

  • Pregnancy symptoms

Symptoms are less severe on the 19th week of pregnancy, though this is not the case for a few women who suffer from intense discomforts.

  • Traveling

Women on their 19th week of pregnancy are allowed to travel. However, they must be especially cautious of travel-related dangers such as urinary tract infection and constipation. It is very important for 19-week pregnant women to take bathroom breaks and drink plenty of fluids to avoid UTI and constipation.

  • Exercise

At week 19, a pregnant woman will have a larger and heavier tummy, therefore having back pain cab be quite common. Engaging in some pregnancy exercises will help alleviate this symptom and improve her overall flexibility for a trouble-free labor. Some of these exercises are yoga, walking and light weight training.

Fetal Development at the 19th week of pregnancy

Among the wonderful things happening on the 19th week of pregnancy is a bigger and taller baby at 10 inches long and weighing 8.5 ounces. Hardening bones and strengthening muscles make the fetal movements more pronounced.  At this stage, the baby’s heartbeat can be heard with the use of a stethoscope. Meanwhile, the kidneys are working properly and able to pass urine; whereas the hair continues to grow on the baby’s scalp.

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Week 19 is also an exciting week for the baby’s brain as it is now forming pockets for the five senses – sight, taste, touch, smell and hearing. For women who are conceiving a baby girl, their babies now have around 6 million eggs in their ovaries. Meanwhile, their fingerprints have become more defined.

Symptoms of 19 weeks pregnant

  • Linea Nigra

Characterized by a dark vertical line traversing the abdomen, this symptom occurs due to the higher levels of melanin.

  • Leg cramping

This is caused by the increased weight of the expanding uterus which presses the blood veins from the legs to the heart.

  • Ligament pain

Another common discomfort suffered by 19 weeks pregnant women, this is caused by the growing fetus which results to pain on the lower abdomen.

  • Balancing problems

This happens due to the change in the body’s center gravity. Walking uphill or downhill is not only difficult but dangerous for pregnant women too, which is why they are advised to wear low-heeled shoes to be more careful.

At 19 weeks pregnant, the mother-to-be will experience some of the most wonderful and exciting things in the course of pregnancy.

19 weeks pregnant pictures


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