2 Weeks Pregnant

There is no baby yet when a woman is referred to as 2 weeks pregnant. Instead, the 2nd week of pregnancy refers to the week wherein ovulation happens – the time when the ovary releases an egg for fertilization. As such, this is going to be a very crucial week for couples who are trying to conceive. Furthermore, the woman’s body is preparing for the possibility of a new little resident marked by the thickening of the uterine lining.

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Medically speaking, pregnancy count starts from 2 weeks prior to the actual conception. This is because most women are not sure of their exact date of ovulation and conception. Tracking down the pregnancy by means of the woman’s last menstrual flow is more accurate than using the assumed conception date. So when a woman is said to be 2 weeks pregnant, she is actually on her way to getting pregnant. It is actually at the end of the week or week 3 that pregnancy can happen.

What to expect at 2 weeks pregnant

A woman will notice a change in the consistency of her vaginal discharge on the 2nd week of pregnancy. The uterine lining also thickens and is loaded with nutrients so as to make the uterus a favorable residing place for the baby for 9 months. It is important for couples to be watchful for the signs of ovulation to increase their chances of conception.

2  weeks pregnant symptoms

These symptoms are not yet pregnancy symptoms but signs that a woman is ovulating and the chances of getting pregnant are high.

  • High basal body temperature

The 2nd week of pregnancy is marked by an increase in the basal body temperature (BBT) due to the higher level of progesterone. The BBT remains elevated for up to 48 hours. The woman should take her basal body temperature in the morning to get prime results.

  • Increased amount of vaginal discharge

Another indication that a woman is ovulating is the upsurge in the amount of slippery, clear and stretchy cervical mucous. The cervical mucous of a 2 weeks pregnant woman can stretch over an inch between her fingers.

  • Mild abdominal cramps

Mild cramping is also felt when a woman is ovulating, usually on the side of the abdomen where the egg is being released from; although some may feel pain on both sides of the abdomen.

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Women who are well attuned with their bodies will know that they are ovulating. However, for those who are planning pregnancy and find it hard to figure out their ovulation period should seek doctor’s advice. They can also make use of commercial ovulation kits which are proven useful in determining the best time to get pregnant.

How to increase the chances of conception

There are plenty of things a woman or a couple can do to increase the chances of conception, and these include:

  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle involves eating healthy and nutritious foods, regular exercise and quitting unhealthy vices such as alcohol consumption, illegal drugs and smoking.

  • Avoid the things that will decrease the chances of conception

Things that will decrease a couple’s chances of conceiving are exposure to harmful substances, environmental hazards and certain medications which can affect male and female fertility.

  • Seek help from the experts

If conception is not established despite earnest efforts to live and eat healthily, then a couple may seek help from fertility specialists and consider assisted reproductive technology.

2 weeks pregnant pictures- belly and ultrasound


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  1. Often for women who have early symptoms, they will be exactly like premenstrual symptoms and so very hard to distinguish between them and those of pregnancy.

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