21 weeks pregnant

Women who are 21 weeks pregnant will definitely find that their pregnancy is getting easier as the unpleasant symptoms have completely disappeared at this time. The expecting mother will certainly enjoy her lovely pregnancy bump at week 21 and sport stylish maternity dresses. Also, the baby’s vital organs continue to mature during this period.

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At 21 weeks pregnant, the woman should seriously think about her health and lifestyle to help manage the various changes that are about to occur during the remaining weeks of pregnancy. This also proves beneficial in preventing postpartum issues.

What to Expect at 21 weeks Pregnant

  • Weight gain

21 weeks pregnant women would have gained around 10 to 13 pounds, and those who are carrying twins can expect even more.

  • Pregnancy symptoms

The unpleasant symptoms may be completely gone, but new set of symptoms can emerge. The pregnancy symptoms in week 21 are primarily due to the raging hormones and the growing fetus. As the uncomfortable symptoms get milder, the future mom should take this opportunity to connect with her unborn child, by talking and touching her belly as well as play music for the baby.

  • Exercise

Exercise and stretching are helpful in improving the overall health and ease the pregnancy discomforts. However, tough exercises should be avoided to prevent injury.

  • Risks

The growing uterus makes the woman susceptible to urinary tract infections. This can be prevented by drinking plenty of water and observing proper hygiene, such as urinating right after sexual intercourse and wiping the front and back of the genital area after urinating.

  • Sleeping problems

Sleeping at week 21 can be more difficult due to the growing belly, backaches, hot flashes and leg cramps. Investing in a pregnancy pillow, sleeping on the side and wearing comfortable sleep wear are some ways to have a more restful sleep.

Fetal Development on the 21st Week of Pregnancy

The baby weighs around 12.7 ounces and is about 10.5 inches long. The fetus’ fingertips are already covered with fingernails, while the eyelids and eyebrows have been fully formed. The nervous system, organs and skin are still developing and the baby’s constant ingestion of amniotic fluid helps the digestive system to mature. Fetal hiccups can be felt on week 21, which is characterized by rhythmic and repetitive movements in the belly. For twins, this is the time when they recognize each other’s presence and try to grab each other.

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Symptoms of 21 weeks Pregnant

Aside from acne breakouts and bleeding gums, women on their 21st week of pregnancy will also experience the following symptoms.

  • Leg cramps

Mild leg cramps are quite common among 21 weeks pregnant women due to the expanding uterus, poor blood circulation and hormonal changes.

  • Backaches

This occurs due to the shift in the body’s center of gravity and raging hormones which strain the back by stretching and loosening the joints and ligaments.

  • Varicose veins

Varicose veins are a result of swollen blood vessels due to high progesterone levels, poor blood circulation and increased blood volume.

  • Stretch marks

These marks, which are visible on the belly, breasts, thighs and buttocks, are relatively common due to the stretching of the skin by the growing uterus.

At 21 weeks pregnant, expectant moms should make most of the time by bonding with their babies.

21 weeks pregnant pictures

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