22 weeks Pregnant

At 22 weeks pregnant, the woman will receive more compliments from friends and loved ones as her pregnancy bump gets bigger and more rounded. Many people are tempted to touch and rub the pregnancy bump as they give out comments about the pregnancy. The baby on week 22 is getting more aggressive and moves more frequently in response to his/her increasing awareness of outside world.

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The 22 weeks pregnant woman should watch her diet and eating habits in order to manage indigestion and gastrointestinal problems. She should also spend time bonding with her unborn child by talking and rubbing her womb. However, she shouldn’t forget to spend time with her husband because private time together may become difficult as the pregnancy advances, and more so after delivery.

What to Expect at 22 weeks pregnant

  • Weight gain

The expecting woman has gained around 12 to 15 pounds by this time, and can expect to put on 1 to 2 pounds every week.

  • Intimacy

Intimacy during week 22 is relatively safe as long as the woman didn’t experience recurrent miscarriages, ruptured membranes, placental abruption and preterm labor. Intercourse during this period can be quite fulfilling due to the abundance of vaginal lubrication and heightened flow of blood to the clitoris.

  • Diagnostic tests

Doctors may ask first-time moms to have their urine samples tested to determine their chances of developing preeclampsia.

Fetal Development on the 22nd Week of Pregnancy

The baby’s organs are in place and continue to develop on week 22. The irises of the baby’s eyes do not have pigment yet, even though they have been formed and hidden under the eyelids. The baby makes some breathing movements even if the lungs are not yet mature, while the pancreas is developing progressively. Among the remarkable development on the 22nd week of pregnancy is the fetus’ ability to wiggle his/her fingers in response to the newfound sense of touch. The baby also reacts to sounds regularly and hears his/her mother’s voice and heartbeat. For baby boys, their testes are taking their rightful place in the scrotum; while the ovaries and uterus are also in place for baby girls. The baby’s bone marrow starts to make red blood cells. At the 22nd week of pregnancy, the baby weighs roughly 15 ounces and is 10.9 inches long.

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Symptoms of 22 weeks Pregnant

Among the symptoms a 22-week pregnant woman experiences include:

  • Stretch marks

These are common as the body accommodates the growing fetus and often fade after delivery. Stretch marks come out differently in every woman depending on her skin tone; they may appear white, pink, purple and dark brown in color.

  • Lower back pain

There are plenty of reasons why this symptom occurs, including postural changes, expanding uterus and hormonal imbalance.

  • Skin problems

These symptoms are common, such as acne breakouts, dry skin and oily skin.

  • Forgetfulness

This is relatively normal among 22 weeks pregnant women and experts believe that hormonal changes have something to do with it.

At 22 weeks pregnant, women will certainly enjoy this stage of their pregnancy as their babies move more frequently especially upon hearing sounds from the environment.

22 weeks pregnant pictures

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