23 Weeks Pregnant

The fetal movements are quite strong and more frequent when a woman is 23 weeks pregnant because the baby still has enough space to move around. For those who have not started communicating with their babies, this week is a great time to do it by talking to them, touching them and playing music for them.

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Being 23 weeks pregnant, a woman may feel clumsier due to her growing uterus. She may be bumping into things more frequently because her center of gravity has shifted. It is very important for women who are on their 23rd week of pregnancy to be extra cautious to avoid injury.

What to Expect at 23 weeks Pregnant

  • Weight gain

The expected weight gain on week 23 is over 15 pounds, though some may have gained less or more. It is important for every woman to maintain the suggested weight gain for their body size.

  • Healthy diet and exercise

Women should aim to eat healthily throughout the course of their pregnancy for optimum health. A healthy diet helps in preventing edemas. Exercise also aids in the proper functioning of the body and management of various pregnancy-related issues like imbalance.

  • Premature birth

There is 25 to 35% chance of survival if the baby is born on week 23. It is very important for the mother to seek medical attention when she experiences intense and frequent contractions which are indications of preterm labor.

Fetal Development on the 23rd week of Pregnancy

At 23 weeks, the baby is getting heavier at 1 pound or more, and taller at over 11 inches long. All of his/her organs are already in place and are developing. While the baby’s muscular and nervous systems are nearing maturity, his/her body is also starting to fill out with fat and the bones continue to solidify. One of the milestones for week 23 is the beginning of the production of insulin by the pancreas. In addition, the baby’s sense of hearing continues to sharpen, and yet he/she won’t be shocked by loud noises such as sirens, car honking and humming of the vacuum.

Symptoms of 23 weeks Pregnant

Women who have gained substantial amounts of weight will notice stretch marks on their abdomens, thighs, buttocks and breasts. Other symptoms experienced by 23-week pregnant women are:

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  • Braxton-Hicks contractions

These are false labor contractions that are painless; occurring randomly and occasionally. However, when these contractions become regular and painful at closer time intervals, it may be an indication that the woman is having a preterm labor.

  • Edema

This often occurs due to poor blood flow to the legs, causing the legs, feet and ankles to swell.

  • Mood swings

Females who are 23 weeks pregnant are generally prone to fluctuating dispositions due to the changes in hormonal levels.

  • Larger feet

The woman’s feet may seem bigger as a result of the hormonal changes and swelling or edema.

  • Skin discoloration

23 weeks pregnant women find that their areolas and nipples have become darker.

Being 23 weeks pregnant brings a lot of both exciting and unpleasant things; so knowing how to manage them makes pregnancy more enjoyable.

23 weeks pregnant, is how many months ?

Considering pregnancy is for 40 weeks, equivalent to 10 months, 23 divided by 4( four weeks in a month) means 5 months and 3 weeks.

23 weeks pregnant pictures

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