24 Weeks Pregnant

The woman should make bonding with her unborn child a priority when she is 24 weeks pregnant. The second trimester is considered the most enjoyable period of pregnancy as the symptoms have become only mildly uncomfortable. At this time, the baby has also come a long way as his/her senses have become more established. The fetus loves to hear the sounds from the outside world, so reading books and magazines or playing soothing music are excellent means to bond with him/her. The husband is also encouraged to spend time with his wife and unborn child.

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What to Expect at 24 weeks Pregnant

  • Weight gain

A 24-week pregnant woman should aim for a healthy weight gain for her specific body size.  Normally, this could be anywhere from 15 to 16 pounds; however, those who are expecting multiples will gain even more.

  • Diagnostic tests

Doctors often request the glucose tolerance test sometime between week 24 and 28 to rule out gestational diabetes. Women with this medical condition are at risk of having CS delivery. The condition also endangers the child to be born with low level of blood sugar.

  • Preterm labor

Babies born on week 24 are considered viable with a 40% chance of survival under intensive care. There are numerous factors that can influence preterm labor, including preeclampsia, hydration, placenta previa and abnormally-shaped uterus. 24 weeks pregnant women should be aware of the early symptoms of premature labor such as frequent and painful contractions as well as vaginal bleeding.

Fetal Development on the 24th week of Pregnancy

The baby is busy packing on more pounds during week 24, weighing around 1.3 pounds and 11.8 inches long. This period is yet another busy week as the baby’s internal systems strive to mature. The lungs are still on the developing stage with little branches beginning to form as they prepare for the production of surfactant that will help the baby breathe properly after birth. By this week, the fat layers are developing in the baby’s skin and the keratinization process has just started. Among the remarkable development in week 24 is the increase of the amniotic fluid. The organs, circulatory system, nervous system, reproductive system and digestive system are continuing to mature.

24 weeks Pregnant symptoms

24 weeks pregnant women are typically plagued by various symptoms, though not all bring discomfort.

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  • Increased appetite

Many consider this as the best thing about being pregnant as the woman can indulge in great tasting foods not just to satisfy her cravings but to nourish her growing baby as well.

  • Poor memory

This is a nuisance pregnant women need to endure. Poor memory gets worse with hormonal changes, fatigue and hunger.

  • Congestion

Stuffy and runny nose are common during week 24 of the pregnancy.  This is caused not by viral infection or allergies, but by changing hormone levels and the swelling of the mucous membranes in the nose.

  • Swelling of feet and ankles

This is also normal due to poor circulation of blood to the legs.

Being 24 weeks pregnant enables the woman to enjoy her pregnancy and spend time in strengthening the bond with the growing baby inside her.

24 weeks pregnant pictures


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