25 weeks pregnant

Among the preparations a woman has to make when she is 25 weeks pregnant is filing for maternity leave. The baby is due in 15 weeks and notifying her employer about taking a leave will spare her from unnecessary stress. Likewise, it would be best for the expectant mom to plan her preferred birthing method as early as week 25.

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The 25-week pregnant woman should make most of her pregnancy and enjoy her pregnancy glow. She should also take this opportunity to strengthen her connection with her baby, who is getting more active and sensitive by the day.

What to Expect at 25 weeks Pregnant

  • Weight gain

The average weight gained in the 25th week of pregnancy is around 16 to 17 pounds.

  • Diagnostic test

If the glucose screening test is not done last week, it could happen this week or later until week 28. This test is among the routine diagnostic tests required by doctors to rule out diabetes during pregnancy or gestational diabetes. The woman will be required to consume a sweetened beverage containing 50g of glucose to assess whether the body can properly metabolize glucose or not.

  • Preterm labor

A child born on the 25th week of pregnancy has a 50% chance of survival under special ICU treatment. It is important for a 25-week pregnant woman to talk to her doctor to become aware of the early signs of preterm labor and learn what to do when this happens.

Fetal Development on the 25th week of Pregnancy

The baby starts to fill out the available space in the uterus as he/she reaches 1.5 pounds and roughly 13.7 inches. His/her skin is building up more fat layers and the previously wrinkled skin starts to smooth out. Blood vessels and air sacs in the baby’s lungs, as well as the capillaries which will distribute the blood to different body tissues, are starting to develop on week 25. The spine’s structure has started to develop, forming 33 vertebrae, 150 joints and thousands of ligaments. Among the milestones in fetal development in week 25 is the opening of the baby’s nostrils. Furthermore, the reproductive organs and hands have become well-developed, while the brain cells continue to mature and the hearing becomes more accurate.

Symptoms of 25 weeks Pregnant

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  • Sciatica

This condition occurs due to the continuously growing uterus which strains the pelvis and back. As the uterus enlarges, the nerves in the legs and lower back become compressed as a result of the pressing of the baby’s head against the pelvic bones.

  • Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids appear when the blood vessels in the rectum become dilated.

  • Shortness of breath

A 25-week pregnant woman may find it difficult to breathe as her lungs and abdomen become compressed by the growing uterus.

  • Thicker hair

The woman may notice that her hair has become thicker and fuller at week 25. This is attributed to the hormonal changes which interrupt the normal shedding of hair, including body hair.

25 weeks pregnant is one of the most exciting weeks of pregnancy as only mild symptoms are felt, thus, allowing the expectant mom to prepare for maternity leave and make birth plans.

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