26 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy at 26 weeks? Check out what to expect, information on weight gain, belly size, ultrasound and other information.

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A 26 weeks pregnant woman may find herself busy not just in preparation for her maternity leave and making birthing plans but in attending birthing classes as well. These classes are designed to help pregnant women become more confident during childbirth by helping them understand and manage labor pains. They will also be taught the proper breathing techniques and movements as well as when to call the doctor.

It would be best for the 26-week pregnant woman to think about ways to pamper herself to manage stress and cope with some pregnancy discomforts. These will prove beneficial not just for her but for the baby as well. Also, she should never forget to spend time with her husband and include him during her bonding time with the baby.

What to Expect at 26 weeks Pregnant

  • Weight gain

The average weight gain of a 26 weeks pregnant woman is from 17 to 20 pounds. She should avoid taking her weight daily because the weight fluctuates everyday.

  • Pregnancy symptoms

The break from unpleasant pregnancy symptoms is almost over; some even start to experience a new set of discomforts at this time.

  • Diagnostics tests

Aside from the glucose screening test, the doctor may also request for routine blood test to rule out anemia.

  • Preterm labor

If a woman gives birth on week 26, her baby has a 60% chance of survival under neonatal intensive care.

Fetal Development on the 26th week of Pregnancy

The baby is getting bigger and heavier on week 26 at 14 inches long and 1.7 pounds. The brain is rapidly growing and the nerve pathways in the ears strive to mature. Though the neural connections in the baby’s brain are not yet established, this may occur anytime soon. Among the remarkable achievements the baby makes in the 26th week is the opening of his/her eyes, and may likely be able to blink by the end of the week. In addition, the baby can also make coordinated movements of her muscles and hands. This is apparent in the baby’s thumb-sucking activity which relaxes and strengthens his/her jaw and cheek muscles.

Symptoms of 26 Weeks Pregnant

  • Clumsiness

This is normal due to the added weight, the alteration in the body’s center of gravity and loosened joints. Clumsiness may be temporary, still, the woman should be extra careful as she is prone to slips and falls.

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  • False labor pains

These are referred to as Braxton Hicks contractions which may become more frequent as the pregnancy progresses. But unlike real labor, Braxton Hicks contractions are painless and feel like menstrual cramps.

  • Leg cramps

Leg cramps seem worse this week because of the added weight and poor blood circulation from the heart to the legs.

  • Lower back pain

Aches on the lower back are relatively normal for 26-week pregnant women because of relaxin, a hormone which relaxes the ligaments and joints; shift in center of gravity which loosens the abdominal muscles; and physical changes and added weight which put more stress on the joints and muscles.

  • Rib pain

This is also common as a result of the pressure exerted by the growing uterus to the internal organs.

At 26 weeks pregnant, a woman should be busy preparing herself for the big day by attending birthing classes to boost her confidence for childbirth.

26 weeks pregnant pictures

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