27 Weeks Pregnant

Here is information on 27 weeks pregnant – weight gain, belly  picture, ultrasound information and fetal development progress.

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At 27 weeks pregnant, the woman will feel her growing baby even more as the space in her uterus gets tighter. Even her husband or other people will be able to feel her baby’s acrobatics. Indeed, the expectant mom can now perceive if her baby is awake or asleep by its movements in her womb.

Fear of labor is relatively common among 27 weeks pregnant women. The best way to alleviate this fear is to attend childbirth classes. These classes will help them learn the signs of labor as well as ways to manage labor pains. Childbirth classes are a great boost to the woman’s confidence and to her social wellbeing knowing that she is surrounded by other women who feel the same way and receive guidance from professionals.

What to Expect at 27 weeks Pregnant

  • Weight gain

The added weight by the 27th week is about 18 to 22 pounds. Some women may have gained more while others less.

  • Pregnancy symptoms

Many pregnant women may find that the previous uncomfortable symptoms are making a return.

  • Exercise

Aside from childbirth classes, pregnant women will also benefit from doing Kegel exercises. These exercises strengthen the pelvic bones to prevent stress incontinence and urine leaks.

  • Preterm Labor

Preterm labor and delivery this week carries around 80% chance of fetal survival.

  • Home uterine monitoring

This is often recommended when the woman is at risk of premature labor and complications and has a history of preterm labor. Home uterine monitoring can forewarn the expecting mother and her doctor of preterm labor by means of repetitive contractions, thereby allowing them to do the appropriate steps to prolong the pregnancy.

Fetal Development on the 27th week of Pregnancy

The baby has come a long way on week 27; weighing approximately 2 pounds and 14.4 inches long. He/she is surrounded by less amniotic fluid and this is the reason why his/her movements are more distinct and stronger. The baby’s brain is growing at a rapid pace and the retina is starting to mature. His/her sense of hearing is also getting sharper, while the internal systems continue to develop.

One of the notable accomplishments the baby will make this week is his/her ability to open-close and blink his/her eyes. In fact, the baby starts to respond to light penetrating through the belly from the outside world.

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Symptoms of 27 weeks Pregnant

  • Frequent urination

This old pregnancy symptom comes back on week 27 and will persist through the third trimester. This is caused by the growing uterus which places more pressure on the bladder.

  • Extreme exhaustion

The woman’s energy at the start of the second trimester is beginning to fade. She may feel extremely exhausted due to the added weight and her growing uterus is preventing her from getting restful sleep.

  • Urine incontinence

This is one of the embarrassing pregnancy symptoms which occur as a result of the added pressure on the bladder by the enlarged uterus. A woman may involuntarily leak urine upon sneezing, coughing or laughing.

  • Braxton-Hicks contractions

These contractions have become stronger on the 27th week of pregnancy. Also, they tend to occur regularly, causing some discomfort.

Being 27 weeks pregnant means suffering from uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms, indicating that childbirth is past approaching.

27 weeks pregnant pictures


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