28 weeks pregnant

Here is information on  28 weeks pregnant including weight gain, belly shot, weight gain and ultrasound.

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A woman who is 28 weeks pregnant may find herself being plagued by unpleasant pregnancy symptoms, both physically and emotionally. She has now officially entered the final stretch of her pregnancy and old symptoms are coming back. Furthermore, the fact that she will be giving birth in the following weeks makes her anxious and this makes family support necessary.

It is extremely important for a 28-week pregnant woman to become aware of the signs of childbirth as premature delivery may happen on week 28. Also, if she has not informed her employer about maternity leave yet, she should do so now.

What to Expect at 28 weeks Pregnant

  • Weight gain

Weight gain on week 28 is around 19 to 20 pounds, or more for those carrying multiples. The pregnancy bump on week 28 is similar to a watermelon.

  • Pregnancy symptoms

A 28 weeks pregnant woman may find that some of the older symptoms have returned and are even worse.

  • Diagnostic tests

If glucose screening test has not been done on the previous weeks, it may be performed this week together with the blood test.

  • RhoGam vaccine

If the blood test reveals that she is Rh-negative, she will be given Rh Immune Globulin vaccine on week 28. A woman that is Rh-negative does not have D antigen, a type of protein found on red blood cells. When her Rh-negative blood combines with the Rh-positive blood of the fetus, this could bring serious health problems to the baby. RhoGam vaccine is often given in two shots, first on week 28 and the second shot will be after childbirth.

  • Preterm labor

There are 90% chances of survival for preterm labor on week 28.

Fetal Development on the 28th week of Pregnancy

The average weight of the baby this week is 2.2 pounds at 14.8 inches long. The fetus is constantly moving, with some already in the head-down position, while others remain breech. The baby’s breathing movements on week 28 starts to correspond to his/her wake-sleep patterns. The hair on his/her head, as well as the eyebrows and eyelashes, are getting longer. The little branches in the lungs have matured and will start to produce surfactant. The brain also starts to mature on week 28, forming groves on the surface. The baby is already yawning regularly and kicks more aggressively.

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Symptoms of 28 Weeks Pregnant

  • Extreme exhaustion

There are plenty of factors that can influence tremendous exhaustion, and these are added weight, sleeping problems, leg cramps, frequent urination and restless leg.

  • Breathing difficulty

This is a relatively common symptom especially during the third trimester of pregnancy. Breathing difficulty occurs as a result of the growing uterus pressing harder on the diaphragm.

  • Back pain

Back pain is felt due to the excess weight which strains the muscles on the lower back. The relaxin hormone also brings forth back pain as it relaxes all the ligaments and joints.

It is quite normal for a 28 weeks pregnant woman to be more anxious about her pregnancy due to the emergence of older unpleasant symptoms and the coming delivery. With proper knowledge and guidance from her doctor, as well as family support, she will be able to bear all of these.

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