30 weeks pregnant

Let us go through the changes in the body of a woman 30 weeks pregnant, including weight gain,  what to expect, symptoms,  and belly pictures.

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At 30 weeks pregnant, the woman is already showing off a lovely huge tummy which makes it impossible for her to see her own toes when standing. There is no better way to ease her anxieties for childbirth than to prepare everything she needs for the big day. This includes documents like identification cards and hospital essentials such as clothes for her and for the baby, baby diapers and maternity diapers.

A 30-week pregnant woman must also get herself ready emotionally. She must prepare herself for the changes the child will bring into her life. Besides, she should also learn about the signs of labor, labor pain management and proper breathing techniques. In this way, she will feel much better when the big day arrives.

What to Expect at 30 Weeks Pregnant

  • Weight gain

The average weight gain on week 30 of pregnancy is over 20 pounds because the baby is getting chubbier by now.

  • Pregnancy symptoms

The symptoms during this week are more intense, such as false labor pains, swelling of the ankles and feet, as well as lower back pain.

  • Exercise

This is not the time to quit exercising because pregnancy exercises help make the symptoms and labor pains manageable and the delivery much easier.

  • Preterm labor

If the baby is born on the 30th week of pregnancy, there is a 96% chance of survival under medical care.

Fetal Development on the 30th week of Pregnancy

The baby continues grow fatter at nearly 3 pounds and 15.7 inches long. He/she starts to have control of his/her body temperature as he/she builds more layers of fats. The brain also continues to reach maturity with the neurons within the cortex beginning to separate into six layers. The cortex is the part of the brain that regulates coordinated vision, thought processes, emotions, memory and vision.

In addition, the fetus now has regular sleeping and waking cycles which are perceivable by the frequency of his/her movements throughout the day. Another milestone in fetal development on week 30 is the ability of the baby to store phosphorus, calcium and iron. The hairs on his/her head, eyelashes and eyebrows are growing thicker and longer too, as are the fingernails. Meanwhile, his/her bone marrow has become fully functional, taking charge of the production of red blood cells.

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Symptoms of 30 Weeks Pregnant

  • Difficulty sleeping

Sleeping difficulty at this point is quite normal due to the mother’s huge tummy. Problems with sleeping can also be aggravated by frequent urination and nightmares.

  • Constipation and indigestion

These symptoms occur as a result of the growing uterus which strains the bowels causing constipation and pushes gastric acid upwards resulting to indigestion.

  • Edema

This is also common during the third trimester of pregnancy and may stay even after childbirth. Edema is caused by poor blood circulation on the legs.

  • Leaking breasts

This is in preparation for breastfeeding wherein a thick, creamy substance leaks from the mother’s breasts.

  • Mood swings

It is normal for a 30-week pregnant woman to be moody as she gets absorbed by the discomforting symptoms and anxieties brought by pregnancy.

Pregnancy seems to get more difficult when the woman is 30 weeks pregnant. However, everything is bearable with advance preparation and sufficient support from family and friends.

30 weeks pregnant pictures

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