31 Weeks Pregnant

31 weeks pregnant, what to expect ? Read information on weight gain, symptoms of 31 weeks pregnancy and see pictures of belly and ultrasound.

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Childbirth anxieties are relatively common among 31 weeks pregnant women, especially for the  first time moms. Week 31 is the start of the waiting period as the baby nears full term. Expecting women are often anxious about labor pains, delivery and child care after birth. Attending birthing classes and advance preparation are great ways to cope with these anxieties.

A 31 weeks, the pregnant woman should start to take things slowly because she is more susceptible to fall and injury due to her growing abdomen. The most uncomfortable symptoms may start to plague her from this week onwards, making pregnancy really exhausting. Support from her husband and family will prove invaluable now more than ever.

What to Expect at 31 weeks Pregnant

Learning what to expect on the 31st week of pregnancy helps in easing the anxieties the woman feels as her due date looms.

  • Weight gain

The woman may have put on between 21 and 28 pounds. It should be noted that every pregnancy is different and some may gain more, while others may be catching up.

  • Exercise

She should start switching to lighter exercises which are designed to help her body go through labor easily. Stretching and prenatal yoga are both useful exercises for pregnant women. However, she should avoid tiring herself too much as this could have detrimental effects to the pregnancy.

  • Vitamin supplementation

Aside from iron, a woman on her 31st week of pregnancy needs to increase her calcium intake to accommodate the growing need of her baby for calcium as its bones harden. She should also aim for foods that are high in protein and folic acid for optimum fetal health.

Fetal Development on the 31st Week of Pregnancy

The baby could already be in the birth position with the head down to the cervix. He/she is taller now at around 16 inches long and chubbier at 3.3 pounds. Even if the baby’s skin has started to smoothen out as it stores more fats, the downy hair or lanugo has not shed off. The digestive system and lungs are nearing maturity and most of the vital organs are fully functioning. The baby’s sensitivity to sounds and music continually grows and it manifests this by jumping and moving to loud noises and music. Increasing sensitivity enables the baby to start to feel pain too. In addition, the irises have become responsive by contracting and dilating to light.

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Symptoms of 31 Weeks Pregnant

  • Gastrointestinal problems

Gastrointestinal problems are normal in the final stretch of pregnancy as the organs in the abdominal cavity are making more room for the growing uterus. This is the reason why indigestion and heartburn are common.

  • Braxton-Hicks contractions

These contractions are just false labor pains which occur irregularly and are painless.

  • Breast changes

Leakage of yellowish liquid from the breast is also normal in week 31 of pregnancy. This liquid is called colostrum which will provide nourishment to the baby after birth.

  • Blurry vision

This symptom, caused by change in blood flow, hormones and water retention, is also common at this point.

Childbirth is close and so it is normal for a 31 weeks pregnant woman to feel anxious about it. But with proper knowledge and advance preparation, birthing anxieties are manageable.

31 weeks pregnant pictures

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