33 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

The woman is said to be entering the final stretch of pregnancy when she is already 33 weeks pregnant with twins. The soon-to-be mother feels increasingly uncomfortable by now as some of the early pregnancy symptoms, such as indigestion, heartburn and flatulence make their big come back. Leaking breasts also become common during week 33 as the woman’s body gears for breastfeeding that will happen anytime soon.

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Fetal development is almost complete by this week and the twins are busy packing more fat layers. Since their lungs are almost mature and everything is in place, if the twins come out this week, they will have an excellent chance of survival without long-term health complications. The expecting woman should have everything needed for childbirth ready by now, from the documents down to the baby essentials.

What to Expect on Week 33 of a Twin Pregnancy

There are plenty of things to look forward to this week, some of these are:

  • Weight gain

The weight gained by a woman who is 33 weeks pregnant with twins could be between 13 and 19 pounds. She is expected to put on 1 ½ pounds every week until delivery.

  • Edema

Edema is a common issue in many pregnancies, but this is remarkably annoying during the 33rd week onwards. This is a result of loosened ligaments which cause the feet and ankles to expand substantially and tends to be worse during hot weather.

  • Terribly tired

Fatigue can be so intense during week 33 because the twins’ weight and size are consuming their mother’s energy. In addition, the pressure of getting things done before the big day adds to the extreme fatigue that many expectant moms feel.

  • Frequent urination

The enlarged uterus takes up all the space within the abdominal cavity, thus, compressing the structures therein, including the bladder. This leads to more frequent urination. Laughing and coughing can even result in involuntary leakage of urine.

  • Carpel tunnel syndrome

This is another common issue during the final stage of pregnancy. Pregnant moms complain about tingling sensation on the wrists and fingers which is caused by swollen tissues. This condition usually strikes women doing some repetitive hand movements.

A woman who is 33 weeks pregnant with twins should be watchful of her vaginal discharges.  They can give a clue regarding impending labor or vaginal infections that could harm the twins.

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Fetal Development on Week 33 of a Twin Pregnancy

Just as the pregnant mom feels all her insides are fully occupied, yet the twins still have space to grow. The babies have gotten bigger at 12 inches long and 4 to 5 pounds each. They will continue to gain approximately ½ pound every week. At this time, everything is in place, from their vital organs and nervous system to their limbs. The lungs, as well as the brain, are nearing maturity. The twins are now sucking their thumbs, blinking their eyes and breathing by taking in amniotic fluid. Fetal movements are even stronger now with their bones have become hard. Meanwhile, the fine hair called lanugo has completely.

Things to do when 33 weeks pregnant with twins

As the big day comes closer, it is very important to have all the necessary things ready. These include:

  • Birth plan

By week 33, the woman already has an idea whether she will be having a vaginal delivery or C-section. It is very important to fully discuss everything with the doctor, not just with regards to the method of delivery but pain reliever options as well. On the other hand, the plan should be flexible as well because some aspects of the birth plan will not be fully granted during the actual delivery.

  • Special testing

The doctor usually conducts end-of-term prenatal testing to monitor the twins’ and the mother’s health. Ultrasounds and amniocentesis are done to check whether their lungs have actually matured. The twins’ heart rate and movements are also monitored.

  • Hospital bag

It is not yet too late to prepare the things to be brought to the hospital. Having everything packed and ready will reduce the amount of stress and anxiety once labor begins. Among the things to be included in the hospital bag are toiletries, babies’ essentials, snacks, entertainment items, reading materials and birth plan. The hospital bag should be placed where it can be grabbed easily should the need to be rushed to the hospital or clinic arises.

  • Car seats for the babies

These must be prepared as well because the law prohibits hospitals from discharging newborns without infant car seats installed in their parent’s car. Shopping in advance is the best way to find good deals.

The exciting journey of a twin pregnancy is about to end soon when a woman is 33 weeks pregnant with twins. Being aware of what this week holds will add more meaning and excitement to this stage of the woman’s life.

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