33 Weeks Pregnant

What to expect at 33 weeks pregnant ? Check out  fetal development, symptoms including weight gain and pictures.

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It is extremely important for a woman who is 33 weeks pregnant to do things slowly from this week onwards. Her huge abdomen makes day-to-day tasks difficult, causing her to easily feel exhausted. Besides, she is getting clumsier with each passing week due to the shifted center of gravity making her susceptible to injury and fall.

By week 33, expectant moms should have prepared everything for the day of delivery. It would be best for her to pre-register at the hospital for a hassle-free admission when she goes on labor. For those who have not prepared their birth plans, attended birthing classes or packed their hospital bags, they can have them done this week.

What to Expect at 33 Weeks Pregnant

  • Weight gain

Weight gain on week 33 of pregnancy is expected to be anywhere between 25 and 28 pounds. Those who will be having twins will have gained even more. The amount of weight gained starting this week is higher as the baby packs on more ounces every day.

  • Pregnancy symptoms

The most discomforting symptoms occur during the third trimester of pregnancy. A 33-week pregnant woman should not be surprised by the increasing clumsiness, extreme exhaustion, annoying heartburn and frequent urination.

  • Labor and delivery

Labor and delivery are things that the woman is curious and anxious about especially for a first-timer. She can get insight about the signs and stages of labor through birthing classes or personally asking her doctor or midwife.

  • Nutrition

A pregnant woman should not skip meals or control her diet as this could deprive her and her baby the nutrition they both need. For instance, the baby’s teeth and bones are hardening by week 33 and this requires the mother to increase her intake of calcium. Failure to meet the growing need for calcium will force the baby to draw it from the skeletal structure of his/her mother.

Fetal Development on the 33rd Week of Pregnancy

The baby’s wrinkled skin is almost gone by this week as more fat layers have accumulated beneath its skin. He/she weighs roughly 4.2 pounds and 17.2 inches long and will continue to get bigger and stouter until delivery. Although his/her bones are ossifying on week 33, the skull stays soft in order to fit into the birth canal during delivery. The baby is swallowing around 1 liter of amniotic fluid to help the digestive system mature, while the lungs near maturity.  Among the remarkable fetal developments in week 33 is the baby’s ability to perceive speech and interpret sounds. Also, actual hair starts to grow in place of lanugo.  Meanwhile the baby’s fingernails are long enough and would require trimming after birth.

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Symptoms of 33 Weeks Pregnant

Among the annoying symptoms suffered by a 33-week pregnant woman are Braxton-Hicks contractions. These contractions may scare first mothers because they are becoming stronger on the third trimester. Swelling, frequent urination, lower abdominal pain and increasing clumsiness are also common.

A 33 weeks pregnant woman may find that her symptoms are getting worse, but knowing that in just a few weeks she will be cuddling her baby will help her bear all of these.

33 weeks pregnant pictures

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