34 Weeks Pregnant

Let us find out symptoms of 34 weeks pregnant, pictures, signs of labor and fetal development information.

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A woman who is already 34 weeks pregnant will find that false labor contractions are getting stronger. These contractions are the body’s means of preparing for true labor. The baby will be full term in a few weeks and the body is preparing for delivery.

As pregnancy becomes more difficult, the woman will find that spending quality time with her husband is becoming tricky too. The best way to address this problem is by having her husband involved in her pregnancy. She may take him on dates, let him accompany her in prenatal visits and include him during her bonding time with the baby.

What to Expect at 34 Weeks Pregnant

Fear is normal when a woman is 34 weeks pregnant. But knowing the milestones that she was able to go through and what might happen this week will alleviate her fears.

  • Weight gain

Added weight between 25 and 27 pounds is normal on week 34 of pregnancy.  This could be larger for multiple pregnancies.

  • Pregnancy symptoms

The pregnancy symptoms are more intense making week 34 tougher. The added weight and constricted space inside the uterus contribute in making these symptoms more bothersome.

  • Delivery

When the baby comes out in week 34, he/she has good chances of survival even without special medical care.

Fetal Development on the 34th Week of Pregnancy

The fetus may already be in the cephalic or head-down position in preparation for vaginal delivery; and the doctor may manually rotate the baby if he/she has not done so. He/she is taller at 18 inches long and heavier at around 4.7 to 5.25 pounds. As the baby’s skeletal structure continues to harden, his/her muscular system is maturing as well. Also, the baby’s immune system is developing and the liver starts to process waste. The baby is now coated with thick vernix and his/her kicks are more defined and even painful due to less space inside the womb. The baby can now digest breast milk if born this week because the digestive system has already matured.

Symptoms of 34 Weeks Pregnant

  • Braxton-Hicks contractions

False labor contractions occur more frequently on week 34 and are getting more intense.

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  • Tiredness

Exhaustion is primarily due to the physical strain brought by the added weight. This is also a result of the re-emergence of old unpleasant symptoms like heartburn and frequent urination. The larger abdomen makes it difficult for the woman to have a restful sleep, hence, contributing to fatigue.

  • Back pain

Back pain is another common annoyance caused by the added weight of the uterus, and relaxin hormones that place added pressure on the back.

  • Pelvic pressure

This symptom occurs when the baby starts to descend into the pelvis, causing the woman to waddle.

  • Lightening

The pregnant woman will find that breathing is easier on week 34. This is because the lungs and diaphragm are no longer compressed since the baby has descended into the pelvis.

A 34 weeks pregnant woman will find that some of her pregnancy symptoms have gotten worse, while others have become more bearable. It is imperative that she continue bonding with her unborn baby and spend time with her husband as well to help her bear the uneasiness she feels during this stage of her pregnancy.

34 weeks pregnant pictures


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