35 Weeks Pregnant

35 weeks pregnant, what to expect ? Here are pictures and symptoms of  35 weeks pregnancy including contractions, cramping and fetal development information.

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Amplified physical discomfort summarizes what a woman feels when she is 35 weeks pregnant. By this time, everything must be packed and ready because the baby may arrive anytime soon. Stress and anxiety are something the woman should avoid because these can affect the fetus in the final stretch of pregnancy.

Week 35 of pregnancy is still a very busy period for the baby. A lot of maturing is happening during this week and it is very important for the mom to continue eating healthily to meet the nutritional requirements of the child in her womb.

What to Expect at 35 Weeks Pregnant

  • Weight gain

The expected weight gain on week 35 of pregnancy is around 25 to 30 pounds, and this is primarily attributed to the rapidly growing baby.

  • Pregnancy symptoms

Women on the 35th week of pregnancy will find that their symptoms have worsened, making them more irritable and moody. Moreover, physical discomfort makes sleeping difficult.

  • Preterm labor

The baby has a 99% chance of survival if born during this week. Health problems are possible but only mild requiring just a short stay at the hospital.

  • Prenatal visits

Prenatal check-ups are scheduled every week from this week onwards.

  • Group B Strep screening

By week 35, the doctor may request for Group B strep test to rule out infection caused by the Group B strep bacterium. This bacterium is dangerous for the baby as it can lead to serious medical conditions, such as pneumonia, meningitis and blood infections. The infection can also trigger preterm labor and cause uterine infection following delivery.

Fetal Development on the 35th Week of Pregnancy

The baby on week 35 weighs around 5.5 pounds and 18.5 inches long. The space inside the womb is tighter, hence, limiting his/her movements. The skin is becoming opaque as the baby accumulates more fats onto his/her skin. The lungs are nearing maturity and continue to produce surfactant to help the baby breathe properly after birth. The nervous system continues to develop as well. By this time, the baby already has coordinated reflexes and is honing his/her sucking movements in preparation for feeding once born.

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Symptoms of 35 Weeks Pregnant

  • Nesting instinct

Women on the 35th week of pregnancy will experience a sudden burst of energy and feel the urge to organize everything inside the house for the upcoming baby. This nesting instinct differs from woman to woman. Some feel the drive to clean the whole house or reorganize furniture.

  • Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids tend to get worse this week due to the growing uterus, causing the veins in the rectum to swell. Constipation further aggravates hemorrhoids.

  • Less fetal movements

Due to limited space inside the womb, the baby’s movements will slightly decline.

  • Extreme exhaustion

Tiredness is also normal during week 35 due to various discomforting symptoms such as frequent urination, heartburn and indigestion, as well as sleeping problems.

Physical discomfort have increased when a woman is 35 weeks pregnant but the fact that she can carry her baby in her arms anytime soon makes all cares tolerable.

35 weeks pregnant pictures

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