37 weeks pregnant

37 weeks pregnant, what to expect ? Read about signs of labor, cramping, contractions and other symptoms.

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Pregnancy is considered at term when the woman is 37 weeks pregnant. Childbirth can happen anytime soon and the baby will have excellent chances of survival. The expecting mother may be plagued by confusing emotions this week, such as fear, nervousness, anxiety and excitement.

Performing everyday tasks can be increasingly difficult at the 37th week of pregnancy. It is important for the woman not to overexert herself but try to rest and relax instead. But as labor is on its way, she should be more vigilant to its early signs.

What to Expect at 37 weeks Pregnant

  • Weight gain

The estimated weight gain on the 37th week of pregnancy is around 25 to 30 pounds or 35 to 40 pounds for those who will be having twins.

  • Labor

Labor can happen anytime this week; it is important then for expectant moms to be aware of its signs such as regular contractions, rhythmic back pain and bloody show.

  • Prenatal checkups

Internal exams are done since week 36 and it will also be performed this week. The exam will enable the doctor determine how far the woman is from the impending birthing process. The baby should be in birthing position by now and if it has not done so, the doctor may try to perform ECV (external cephalic version) to turn the baby to the right birthing position.

Fetal Development on the 37th Week of Pregnancy

The baby weighs around 6.3 to 7 pounds and is 19 inches long. He/she is focused in gaining more weight because the internal systems are almost fully developed by now. By this time, the baby is already capable of producing cortisone hormone to help the lungs handle breathing. The baby’s ears are well-developed and hear sounds more accurately. In fact, he/she can recognize the voice of his/her mother. Furthermore, the amniotic fluid is slowly decreasing on week 37.

Symptoms of 37 Weeks Pregnant

Among the symptoms a 37-week pregnant woman will experience are:

  • Increasing vaginal discharge

The woman will notice that her vaginal discharge has increased substantially which is an indication of the heightened sensitivity of the cervix.

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  • Bloody show

This refers to the brownish mucus discharge which signifies that the vein within the cervix has ruptured and has opened up.

  • Pelvic discomfort

Pelvic discomfort has worsened this week due to the pressing of the baby’s head against the hips, pelvis and bladder.

  • Sleeping difficulty

This is relatively normal on the final weeks of pregnancy not just because of the difficulty in finding a comfortable sleeping position, but it is also the body’s means of preparing for more sleepless nights ahead.

  • Stretch marks

They may look unsightly, but stretch marks will fade into fine silvery lines several months after delivery. These are often found on the belly, buttocks and breasts.

  • Effacement of the cervix

37 weeks pregnant women will never know that their cervix has thinned and opened up unless their doctor tells them during an internal examination.

Childbirth is forthcoming when a woman is already 37 weeks pregnant. She will be able to hold the precious creature growing in her tummy anytime now.

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