4 weeks pregnant

Women should be extra careful when they are 4 weeks pregnant as undesirable occurrences might happen during this week, especially to the baby. The woman’s body is working so hard to provide for the growing needs of the fetus, but most women do not yet know at this point that they are pregnant.

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Understanding how the body works when a woman is 4 weeks pregnant is beneficial for the expectant parents as well as the baby. While the female body intrinsically does its job in protecting the growing fetus, the mother should guard the baby externally by avoiding environmental hazards that may jeopardize its health.

4 weeks pregnant, what to expect ?

The 4th week of pregnancy marks the emergence of morning sickness for most women due to the various changes happening inside the body.  These undesirable sensations range from mild to severe. A pound of weight gain can also be expected during this week. The fetus is rapidly developing at this time as it gets implanted into the uterus more deeply. An expecting mother should be extra careful as she is more susceptible to suffer from a miscarriage in this stage of the pregnancy. The following tips are highly recommended:

  • Avoid strenuous activities to reduce the risk of miscarriage.
  • Harmful pollutants and toxins should be avoided as these will bring harm to the fetus.
  • Keep a positive attitude to give no room for stress, which could affect the baby’s proper development.
  • Give the baby a good psychological environment by pondering on this precious event and understanding the changes that are happening.
  • Injuries should be avoided and if one occurs, it is best to see the doctor immediately.
  • Take enough rest and go for small, frequent meals rather than large meals.

Fetal development at the 4th week of pregnancy

The baby has now grown to around 0.04 inch long, which is almost the size of a mustard seed. It consists of several different cell layers which will become the baby’s body parts. The inner cell layer will develop into the baby’s lungs, liver and digestive system, while the outer cell layer will make up the baby’s skin, hair, eyes and nervous system. The middle layer will metamorphose to be the baby’s muscles, bones, sex organs and kidneys. The baby’s home for nine months is rapidly developing and consists of blood and vascular networks to transport nutrients and oxygen to the growing fetus.

Symptoms of 4 weeks pregnancy

The pregnancy symptoms are getting more intense during the 4th week of pregnancy and may be felt daily. These may include:

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  • Light spotting

This occurs as the embryo is establishing a strong hold on the uterus. A 4-week pregnant woman may notice a pinkish light brown discharge.

  • Morning sickness

This is typically characterized by nausea and vomiting that may get triggered by the smell of certain foods or perfumes.

  • Abdominal cramps

This symptom is similar to menstrual cramps which is an indication of implantation. Should the abdominal cramps become unbearable and appear with fever, chills and intense vaginal bleeding, immediate medical attention is required.

  • Frequent urination

This occurs as a result of the increased blood flow into the kidneys which fills the bladder more quickly.

A woman who is 4 weeks pregnant should be extra careful with her body so as to avoid causing harm to the baby in her womb.

4 weeks pregnant pictures

Here are pictures of 4 weeks pregnant woman, belly, fetal development and ultrasound.

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