5 weeks pregnant

An expecting woman will start to notice remarkable changes in her body when she is 5 weeks pregnant. These changes are actually the more intense descriptions of the pregnancy symptoms she has experienced earlier. Some women may still be unsure about their pregnancy but this can be confirmed by a home pregnancy test.

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Those who are at their 5th week of pregnancy should be extra cautious as most cases of miscarriages happen during this time. Therefore, it is extremely important to follow the doctor’s advice regarding health and nutrition. It is also essential to live a healthy lifestyle to avoid pregnancy-related complications which may develop as the pregnancy progresses.

What to expect at 5 weeks pregnant

Among the plenty of things that can be expected when a woman is 5 weeks pregnant is morning sickness, which is usually characterized by vomiting and nausea and could occur anytime and several times a day. With regards to the physical changes, there isn’t much to be expected as the woman’s belly is still small. In the womb, however, the baby is developing really fast and starts to take the form of the letter C. The circulatory system and the heart are rapidly developing, as are the internal organs.

Fetal development at the 5th week of pregnancy

The baby’s size at the 5th week of pregnancy is almost the size of the seed of an orange and looks like a small tadpole with a tail. The neural tube is slowly developing while the brain is starting to separate, preparing for the baby’s future sensorial and cognitive activity. The circulatory system is rapidly forming as well, with the heart dividing into chambers and starting to pump blood. The intestines, thyroid, lungs, urinary system, liver and pancreas are growing as well.

 5 weeks pregnant symptoms 

  • Food cravings

Some pregnant women will feel an intense urge to consume certain foods or show extreme dislike to some of them.

  • Morning sickness

This is a universal symptom, making some pregnant women miserable.

  • Darker nipples

This change in hue often comes with tender and achy breasts.

  • Excessive saliva

The overabundance of saliva occurs due to nauseous stomach caused by pregnancy hormones.

  • Fatigue

An expecting woman is typically plagued by sleepiness and tires easily due to the upsurge in pregnancy hormones.

  • Cramping

Mild cramping is evident, this is one of the undesirable symptoms as your body prepares for pregnancy.

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Foods to be avoided when 5 weeks pregnant

The 5th week of pregnancy is also a critical week for both the mother and the fetus as the pregnancy symptoms turn increasingly intense and miscarriage is a possibility due to the chemical imbalances from the food ingested. Women who are 5 weeks pregnant are also vulnerable to food-borne diseases that may harm the baby, resulting in miscarriage or birth defects. Among the foods to be avoided are:

  • Pate
  • Raw eggs or foods containing raw eggs
  • Soft cheeses
  • Raw shellfish
  • Raw and half-cooked meats
  • Unpasteurized juice or milk

Unhealthy vices, such as smoking and alcohol abuse, should also be completely avoided as these will greatly affect the development of the baby’s internal organs.

At 5 weeks pregnant, the woman will barely witness changes in her body but a lot of things are happening inside her womb.

5 weeks pregnant pictures

Here are pictures that show 5 week pregnant belly, fetal development, ultrasound pictures

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