6 Weeks Pregnant

Many women find that being 6 weeks pregnant is hardly easy. This is because the 6th week is marked by severe and intense pregnancy symptoms; though some women are fortunate enough to only experience mild symptoms. There may be slight external physical changes occurring on a woman’s body by this time, but nothing significant. However, a lot of amazing things are already happening inside her body.

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What to Expect at 6 weeks pregnant

The 6 weeks pregnant mother has gained weight – probably between 1 and 5 pounds, and will notice mild changes in her body. Tight-fitting jeans and other clothes won’t fit comfortably from this week onwards. Aside from weight gain, the 6-week pregnant woman should expect to feel that the pregnancy symptoms have only gotten worse. This occurs as a result of the dramatic hormonal changes happening inside her body.

She may also find that her food cravings and aversions are getting more intense. Still, the mother should stick with healthy food choices, such as fruits, yogurts and nuts not only to satisfy her food cravings but to nourish the developing baby as well.

At this point, the doctor will conduct comprehensive physical and pelvic examinations, including blood works to determine the presence of certain health issues like STD, certain genetic diseases and many more.

Fetal Development at the 6th week of Pregnancy

Women who are 6 weeks pregnant will be amazed as to how the baby is developing at this stage of the pregnancy.  This week proves to be a very busy time for the baby as the little resident inside the mother’s womb is now taking shape.

  • Size

The overall size of the baby during the 6th week of pregnancy could be around 6 millimeters or about 0.25 inch. The baby’s facial features are starting to form such as the eyes, chin, nose, ears, cheeks and jaw.

  • Internal organs

Major internal organs are rapidly developing such as the heart, liver, lungs, brain and stomach. The brain is dividing into three parts during this time and there is already blood circulation.

  • Fetal activity

The developing fetus is starting to make some movements as his or her muscles are slowly developing. However, these movements are somewhat mild that they still cannot be felt by the mother.

Symptoms of 6 weeks pregnant 

The pregnancy symptoms in the 6th week could range from mild to severe, and some of these are:

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  • Heightened sense of smell

This is mainly due to the increased hormonal levels. This can sometimes trigger nausea and vomiting as well as food aversions.

  • More frequent urination

The pregnant woman’s kidneys are working really hard in eliminating the waste products of both the baby and the mother.

  • Bloating

The increased level of progesterone hormone makes the pregnant woman constipated and bloated.

  • Indigestion

A woman may have to deal with this throughout the course of her pregnancy as it is caused by the muscles on the top of the stomach which have relaxed.

It is extremely important for a mother who is 6 weeks pregnant to seek medical attention if the symptoms of pregnancy have become extremely inconvenient or distressing.

6 weeks pregnant pictures

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