7 Weeks Pregnant

A 7 weeks pregnant woman should expect more inconvenient symptoms to go on during this stage. This time is going to be a very busy period for the baby too. The pregnancy might start to show with the appearance of a tiny bump on the expectant woman’s lower abdomen by week 7.  Thus, she may find that her clothes are getting tighter. On another note, this period is also the week when the baby’s brain, as well as his or her facial features, continues to develop.

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It is very important for 7-week pregnant women to be watchful of their diet and health due to the chances of infections that may occur. It is best to consult the doctor and avoid self-medication when the pregnant woman comes down with something.

What to Expect at 7 weeks pregnant

These are some of the things that are notable during the 7th week of pregnancy.

  • Weight gain

The amount of weight put on in week 7 is highly dependent on the severity of pregnancy symptoms that the woman is suffering from. In fact, some even lose weight due to severe symptoms such as excessive vomiting and food aversion. Just like the previous week, the weight gained can be anywhere between 1 and 2 pounds.

  • Pregnancy symptoms

The symptoms are getting more intense at the 7th week of pregnancy. Morning sickness can still be felt and food aversions or cravings are going to the extreme this time around. A 7 weeks pregnant woman should be extra careful with what she craves for and ensure that she consumes healthy foods and limit unhealthy foodstuffs as diet can greatly influence her baby’s development.

  • Infections

Pregnant women should protect themselves against any form of infection on the 7th week of pregnancy. Urinary tract infections and respiratory infections, which require immediate treatment to avoid complications, are the most common concerns that affect 7-week pregnant women.

Fetal Development at the 7th week of pregnancy

The fetus is growing really fast at week 7 and is already around 13mm long. The vital organs are rapidly developing, while the tongue and mouth are starting to form. The baby’s leg and arm buds shoot up and the eyes get more conspicuous. The kidneys are also developing and the heart is doing its job of pumping blood as the liver begins to produce blood cells. The muscles continue to develop and the baby continues to make movements which are still hardly perceptible to the mother.

Symptoms of 7 weeks pregnancy

  • Unwarranted salivation

This condition is medically known as ptyalism which comes with terrible morning sickness symptoms during pregnancy.

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  • Sour taste in the mouth

This is felt due to pregnancy hormones but disappears during the second trimester of pregnancy.

  • Constipation

This occurs due to the relaxed muscles in the bowels which make it hard to move. Eating yogurt or taking probiotic supplements helps ease constipation.

  • Heartburn/indigestion

This condition is triggered by consuming fatty and spicy foods as well as caffeinated beverages.

  • Frequent urination

Frequent trips to the restroom are normal due to the increase in the blood volume which puts pressure on the bladder.

A 7 weeks pregnant woman may find this week pretty challenging; yet this is a great week for the baby’s rapid development.

7 weeks pregnant pictures

Here are pictures of 7 weeks pregnancy including fetal development, ultrasound and pictures of the mother’s belly


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