8 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

Discovering that you are 8 weeks pregnant with twins is probably one of the biggest shocks in a woman’s life. With all the strange happenings in the previous weeks – unusual tiredness, heartburn, food aversions, severe nausea and vomiting – everything is clear now that pregnancy has been established. And because two babies are involved here, the body works even harder to ensure that the fetuses get everything they need and this will have a huge effect on the mother.

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Week 8 is a crucial week for the babies, especially for their brains. Their heads are still bigger than their bodies. Packing in more pounds this week may be difficult that is why it is important for a pregnant woman to ask advice from qualified healthcare personnel regarding diet and nutritional supplementation.

What to Expect on Week 8 of Twin Pregnancy

Twin pregnancies have their own set of challenges. Preparing for them will help the woman go through these challenges as smooth as possible.

  • Weight gain

The weight gained this week is different in every woman because some have more severe symptoms than others, especially concerning morning sickness. Weight gain could be between 3 and 4 pounds.

  • Prenatal checkups

Women who are 8 weeks pregnant with twins should know that they will be seeing their doctor more often compared to a singleton pregnancy. The doctor will want to ensure that the babies and the mother are in good condition.  This will also help address potential problems earlier. Prenatal visits involve taking into account the mother’s medical history, vital signs, blood pressure and a number of diagnostic tests.

  • Vitamin supplementation

Everything must be doubled to ensure that the babies are developing healthily. Vitamin supplementation is particularly needed especially during the first trimester of pregnancy due to rapid fetal development. Folic acid, iron, omega-3 and multivitamins are some of the nutrients required to promote a healthy pregnancy.

  • Complications

High incidence of miscarriage occurs during the first trimester, so pregnant moms should take extra care to prevent this.

Symptoms when 8 weeks pregnant with twins

Women will be surprised how different twin pregnancy is as far as severity of symptoms is concerned. Females who are 8 weeks pregnant with twins would quickly notice the changes in them compared those carrying one baby. Among these symptoms are:

  • Tiring easily

A twin pregnancy causes severe fatigue as the body tries to work double time in nurturing healthy babies.

  • Change in appetite

There is a drastic change in the woman’s appetite on week 8. She may notice that eating is a pleasurable and satisfying thing to do and this is normal because two lives are getting nourishment from her. Furthermore, aversion to certain foods and craving for others adds to the increase in appetite.

  • Morning sickness

Unlike in a singleton pregnancy, morning sickness in a twin pregnancy is remarkably severe. This causes the woman to be nauseous and throw up badly. Many will also find that their nose are acting like a sniffer, smelling anything even at a distance which may cause her to vomit.

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  • Breast tenderness and increased urination

The woman’s breasts become tender and swell much earlier in twin pregnancy. They may also start to darken around the areola. Frequent urination, meanwhile, is due to increased blood volume which causes the kidneys to filter more impurities and dispose them through the urine.

Stuffy nose, nosebleeds, heartburn and indigestion are also common complaints among women who are 8 weeks pregnant with twins.

Fetal development on Week 8 of Twin Pregnancy

The fetuses are now growing at a faster rate. Though the twins are still the size of two rice grains, their organs are developing so fast and are slowly getting functional. For instance, the heart’s left and right chambers are formed and the beat is at 150 per minute. The kidneys and liver are rapidly developing as well, while tooth buds and ears start to form. The eyelids have formed and cover the eyes. Meanwhile, the knee joints continue to lengthen. The brain is rapidly developing with nerve cells branching out to form neural pathways.

Things to consider on Week 8 of Twin Pregnancy

The 8th week of a twin pregnancy is plagued by severe pregnancy symptoms. However, it is important for the expecting woman to manage these effectively to ensure that she continues to give her babies the nutrients they need for optimum growth.

  • Diet

The woman should determine the foods that trigger morning sickness and avoid them temporarily. It may also help if she eats small but frequent meals.

  • Lifestyle

Unhealthy vices should be halted and light exercises should be continued as these aid in easing the uncomfortable symptoms. It is best to seek help from a qualified fitness trainer or a physical therapist to design exercises appropriate for a woman who is 8 weeks pregnant with twins.

8 weeks pregnant with twins – pictures

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