8 weeks pregnant

The pregnancy bump is barely noticeable when a woman is 8 weeks pregnant, but this does not mean that nothing is going on. On the contrary, week 8 is another busy time for the baby, especially for his or her heart as the 8th week is marked by another milestone for the baby’s heart.  Furthermore, his or her facial features continue to become more discernible.

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A woman who is 8 weeks pregnant may still find the pregnancy symptoms really annoying and upsetting. Should these symptoms cause her difficulty to eat or undue worry about her overall health, she should seek medical advice.

What to expect at 8 weeks pregnant

Week 8 is both an exciting and tiring period for the mother and these are the things that could be expected during this time.

  • Weight gain

The increase in weight in the 8th week of pregnancy is around 1 to 3 pounds, depending on the seriousness of the pregnancy symptoms the woman experiences. Women who have severe symptoms find it really hard to gain weight, but pregnancy symptoms generally fade upon entering the 2nd trimester of pregnancy.

  • Pregnancy symptoms

Even if the pregnancy bump is not much visible on week 8, the pregnancy symptoms remain unpleasant.

  • Risks

Pregnancy risks will always be present, so an 8-week pregnant woman should avoid injurious and strenuous activities as much as possible. Miscarriage can happen anytime and can also be triggered by certain environmental hazards and toxins.

Fetal Development at the 8th week of pregnancy

This time is a huge and busy week for the baby’s heart as it starts to split into 4 chambers while blood circulation is significantly heightened. The baby’s heart beats really fast at 150 beats per minute. Aside from the heart, the baby’s respiratory system is also slowly developing with the lungs growing to maturity through the course of the pregnancy.

The fetus’ facial characteristics are becoming more distinct with the eyes getting larger, and the nose and ears are starting to develop. The legs and arms are lengthening and the toes and fingers also begin to form. In addition, the seemingly tadpole shape is slowly disappearing as the spine is gradually strengthening. These developments may not yet translate to a noticeable pregnancy bump, but the fetus has now reached the 1-inch mark.

Pregnancy symptoms at 8 weeks

Among the wide array of symptoms an 8-week pregnant woman will have to go through include:

  • Bloating

Bloating is a result of the slowing down of the body’s metabolic processes due to pregnancy hormones. This gets worse when a woman is constipated and leads to another unpleasant pregnancy symptom which is flatulence.

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  • Mild cramps

Slight abdominal cramping is normally felt but this does not bring any harm.

  • Skin problems

Some pregnant women experience pimple breakout due to the increased pregnancy hormones, though these disappear on their own.

  • Breast changes

The woman’s breasts tend to be enlarged and achy on the 8th week of pregnancy.

  • Lower back pain

This sensation is felt due to the growing uterus which puts pressure on the lower portion of the spine.

Women who are 8 weeks pregnant may feel the symptoms even more but they are a small sacrifice to pay knowing that the baby is rapidly developing inside.

8 weeks pregnant pictures

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