9 weeks pregnant

At 9 weeks pregnant, the woman may find herself feeling an unusual upsurge of emotional distress. The fetus, on the other hand, accomplishes great things this week as he or she becomes very busy in building his/her muscles, developing his/her facial features and vital organs. The pregnant woman will find relief in knowing that she is nearing the end of the first trimester of her pregnancy which could signal the reduction in the pregnancy symptoms.

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The 9th week of pregnancy is challenging not only for the expectant mother but for the father as well. This week is a very crucial period for the woman to receive the much-needed emotional support from loved ones, especially from her husband.

What to expect at 9 weeks pregnant

The following are the things that can be expected by a woman who is 9 weeks pregnant.

  • Weight gain

Since it is still in the first trimester, the amount of weight gain is not substantial, especially for those who suffer from severe morning sickness such as vomiting.  The increase in the woman’s weight this week does not exceed 2 pounds.

  • Pregnancy symptoms

Week 9 tends to be the peak time for morning sickness. 9-week pregnant women are also plagued by some forms of emotional distress.  At the same time, the rise in pregnancy hormones adds to their mood swings.

  • Couvade Syndrome

Some husbands experience a condition called Couvade Syndrome when their wives are 9 weeks pregnant. Those who are affected by the condition will experience the symptoms of morning sickness which will disappear when the child is born.

  • Safety tips

Proper care is generally needed to avoid the odds of developing diseases that can jeopardize the health of both the child and the mother. It is very important for pregnant women to eat and live healthily.

Fetal Development at the 9th week of pregnancy

Majority of the facial and physical features of the baby are already in place and somewhat visible, such as the head, legs and arms, as well as the mouth and nose. He or she now looks more like a human being, rather than a small tadpole with a tail. At 9 weeks pregnant, the sex organ of the fetus has already developed but still barely noticeable until the baby has reached 20 weeks. The kidneys are already doing their job and the baby starts to urinate by this time. This week is also marked by the formation of heart valves.  At 9 weeks, the fetus weighs around 1 gram.

Symptoms of 9 weeks pregnant

  • Morning sickness

Nausea and vomiting can still be felt in week 9 and seem to be at their peak. However, most expectant mothers find these symptoms disappear upon entering the 2nd trimester of pregnancy; still, others have to bear with them throughout the entire course.

  • Gas/bloating

This embarrassing symptom is caused by the reduced speed of the digestive processes as a result of increased progesterone levels.

  • Mood swings

The surge of hormones has caused a havoc of emotions in a 9 weeks pregnant woman; as such, she might easily get emotional, depressed and happy.

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9 weeks pregnant women may find this week extremely challenging but with sufficient emotional support from loved ones, they can go through this period with joy and excitement.

9 weeks pregnant pictures

Here are pictures of 9 weeks pregnant including ultrasound images, fetal development and belly pictures.


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