Can You Drink Coffee while Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a journey of a woman towards motherhood. There is nothing in the world that will deviate a mother from her child. Every responsible mother wishes the best for their baby and is ready to forego, any habit or addiction, including that of a cup of coffee.

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Coffee is known as a sinful pleasure, a luxury that every person loves. The caffeine keeps the person ready for work all the time. Many people have a strong affinity towards coffee in spite of all the medical hazards that are being associated with coffee consumption.

A question foremost on most caffeine loving women’s minds are – Can you drink coffee while pregnant ?. Although, there have been several discussions and researches, but none came to any conclusion. Many doctors suggest the pregnant women to limit their caffeine intake if they cannot resist it.

Doctors claim that women consuming coffee have higher risks of losing their unborn babies than those who do not drink coffee. This is because coffee tricks the body system and provides energy to the body that keeps the person working for longer hours. This keeps the coffee consumer away from the required rest that the body requires. The energy provided by coffee also affects the heart rate. The risks that are involved with excessive coffee consumption can be classified as below:

  • Miscarriage due to excess blood flow into the body of the baby
  • Still born due to lack of required rest
  • Sleeplessness in the newborn baby
  • Increased breathing and heart rate of the newborn baby
  • Increased chances of hypertension in the baby
  • Premature delivery of the baby resulting in low nutrient level

The above-mentioned risks can affect the health of the baby for a longer time and can stretch to forever. So next time when the mind says can you drink coffee while pregnant, then one should answer it wisely keeping all the health hazards in mind.

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It is also a myth that coffee intake should be stopped immediately as a little amount of caffeine in day-to-day life does not harm the body. A morning cup of coffee is good to keep the energy flowing in the body. The advised amount of caffeine intake especially for pregnant women should be 100-150 grams per day. The excess of caffeine will result in the poor health of the baby.

The health hazards for the pregnant women are also numerous. The excess amount of caffeine might show various symptoms that can be listed as below:

  • Increased blood pressure in the body that can affect the baby
  • Heartburn that results in various chemical reactions inside the body eventually harming the baby’s health
  • Gastric problems that affect the atmosphere in the uterus
  • Insomnia that will drain out the energy from the body resulting in weakness

So, if you are wondering if you can drink coffee while pregnant, well the answer to it is yes, but the intake amount should be monitored. Many women wonder how many cups will be enough, well 2 cups a day will suffice. This will average out to be approx 100-150 grams of coffee. If one still urges to have coffee, then many decaf coffees are also available in the market. However, the decaf coffee also contains a certain amount of caffeine in it, but the consumption of caffeine still stays under control.

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