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Pregnant with Twins Week by Week

Pregnant with Twins Week by Week

Carrying twins for nine months is no easy task but the expecting mother can find this exciting, especially if she knows what happens when being pregnant with twins week by week. Knowing and understanding what is happening to the babies and to her own body every single week of the journey will help deepen the […]

Protein in Urine While Pregnant

During pregnancy your doctor asks to take a number of tests of which urine test is one. Urine test for pregnant ladies is important to check the presence of protein in urine as this can be a worrisome condition while you are expecting. However, low level of protein in the urine is common in the […]

Foods Not to Eat While Pregnant

The nine months of pregnancy can be the most daunting months of your life when you need to be extra careful about you and your baby’s health. Since your body undergoes several changes, its immunity level decreases which makes you and your baby more susceptible towards any foreign material entering inside your body. Pregnancy is […]

Urine Infection During Pregnancy

Pregnancy requires you to take extra care of yourself especially in terms of personal hygiene. There are many diseases and infections that can effect pregnant women during pregnancy whose sole reason of occurrence is lack of cleanliness around the genital area. Urinary Tract Infection is one such ailment that occurs due to the bacteria which […]

Can You Drink Coffee while Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a journey of a woman towards motherhood. There is nothing in the world that will deviate a mother from her child. Every responsible mother wishes the best for their baby and is ready to forego, any habit or addiction, including that of a cup of coffee. Coffee is known as a sinful pleasure, […]

Can you take antibiotics while pregnant?

Is it safe to take antibiotics during pregnancy? It all depends on what type of disease the pregnant woman might be suffering from.Antibiotics are considered as a life saver when it comes to recover from some of the dangerous diseases. However, using antibiotics require lot of care and prescription from your physician. In some diseases, […]