Foods Not to Eat While Pregnant

The nine months of pregnancy can be the most daunting months of your life when you need to be extra careful about you and your baby’s health. Since your body undergoes several changes, its immunity level decreases which makes you and your baby more susceptible towards any foreign material entering inside your body. Pregnancy is also the time when you get a lot of advice about what to eat, type of exercise you should do, how to take care of yourself and much more. While it is important to know what is best during pregnancy, it is also necessary to understand which things to avoid.

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Some food items, which you normally eat, contain certain bacteria or other microorganisms which can trigger food borne illness in both mother and child. Also certain toxins like mercury, present in fish and other seafood, can hamper the normal development of the baby and cause serious issues.

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Pregnancy food checklist: what to avoid

  • To avoid risks of food poisoning from bacteria during pregnancy, cut off undercooked for uncooked poultry and meat items from your diet. Also avoid tinned or refrigerated products which can affect mother’s health.  You should also cook your eggs perfectly and avoid buying pre-stuffed meat items.
  • Seafood is the great source of proteins and omega 3 fatty acids which help in brain development of the baby. But these items also might also contain perilous mercury levels that can hamper the nervous system of the baby. More dangerous are big fish like swordfish, tilefish etc. so keep them off your diet.
  • Avoid eating raw and uncooked seafood like oysters, lox, clams etc. also stay away from refrigerated smoked seafood and contaminated stuff. Temperature plays a vital role in cooking food, thus it is important to cook fish at least to 63C to make it safe for eating.
  • Avoid taking unpasteurized milk, cheese, eggs and even unpasteurized juices. These products can cause food borne problems, so it is better to go for pasteurized food items.
  • Fruits and vegetables are the best options for a pregnant lady but unwashed ones can be harmful. So avoid unwashed raw fruits and vegetables. Also avoid taking raw sprouts as they might be the host for disease causing microorganisms.
  • Avoid taking excess quantities of vitamin A as it can lead to certain birth defects.
  • Stay away from alcohol and smoking as it can affect the brain development of your child. Excess of these things are bad for both mother and child. Mental retardation, low birth weight, heart problems, stillbirth and even miscarriage are the issues which can happen if you continue with smoking and drinking while pregnant.
  • Caffeine is evil for a pregnant lady and her baby. It has the potential to seep into the placenta and affect the heart rate of the baby. It also increases the risk of miscarriage, thus it is important to avoid excess caffeine intake in the form of brewed coffee, brewed tea and caffeinated soda.

Pregnancy nutrition plays a key role in deciding the health and development of the baby and mother, thus it must be taken care off. You can consult your gynecologist for more details and know more about do’s and don’ts during pregnancy. 

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