Pregnant with Twins Week by Week

Carrying twins for nine months is no easy task but the expecting mother can find this exciting, especially if she knows what happens when being pregnant with twins week by week. Knowing and understanding what is happening to the babies and to her own body every single week of the journey will help deepen the woman’s appreciation to this gift of life. She will likewise be made aware of the challenges, and so, she can address them properly.

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Things to expect when pregnant with twins

Having twins is very different from having a single baby. Among the things that the woman can look forward to when carrying twins include:

  • Weight gain

Women pregnant with twins will gain a whole lot of weight than a singleton pregnancy, typically from 37 to 54 pounds. Hitting the recommended weight gain is crucial for the twins’ optimum health and well being.

  • More intense symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms are more intense with a twin pregnancy because everything must be doubled to meet the needs of the growing babies. The body, then, works really hard to achieve this, doubling the amount of pregnancy hormones it produces hence resulting in more severe pregnancy symptoms.

  • Frequent prenatal checkups

A twin pregnancy needs close monitoring by the doctor to determine if the twins are healthy and developing properly as well as to check the mother’s health and detect early complications as early as possible.

  • Higher nutritional needs

Expectant moms need more calcium, protein, folic acid and iron, among other essential vitamins and minerals to accommodate the nutritional requirements of the twins.

  • Extra caution

A pregnant woman should be extra careful with her movements and physical activities to prevent causing harm to the growing fetuses.

  • More complications

Some of the common complications with twin pregnancies are premature birth, hypertension and C-section delivery.

Pregnant with Twins Week by Week: First Trimester

Week 1 of a twin pregnancy starts on the 1st day of the woman’s last menstrual cycle. The first two weeks are the preparatory stage wherein the woman’s body gears up for pregnancy. She is actually ovulating in week 2 during which the ovary releases 1 or 2 mature eggs to get fertilized by the sperm.

  • Week 3

Uterine implantation occurs this week which is characterized by bleeding or spotting.

  • Week 4

The embryo starts producing pregnancy hormones causing the uterine lining to thicken.

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  • Week 5

The twins are around 0.05 inch long and major organs start to form.

  • Week 6

The twins measure 0.08 to 0.16 inch, with the ears and eyes starting to form.

  • Week 7

They are now 0.5 inch with legs, arms and the hearts developing.

  • Week 8

The elbows and arms are now visible as the bones start to harden.

  • Week 9

The fingers and eyelids covering the eyes are formed.

  • Week 10

The joints become more pronounced.

  • Week 11

They are 1.5 inch long with fully functional kidneys and pancreas.

  • Week 12

The major organs have been formed and are developing rapidly.

Pregnant with Twins Week by Week: Second trimester

  • Week 13

The twins’ eyes, fingers, toes, wrists and ankles are becoming more pronounced. They weigh about ½ ounce each.

  • Week 14

At 3.2 to 4.1 inches long, the twins’ ears take shape and the bones become stronger.

  • Week 15

Fine hair called lanugo grows all over the body.

  • Week 16

The legs and arms continue to lengthen and the fingerprints develop.

  • Week 17

The ears are more defined and the fetuses can blink.

  • Week 18

Vocal cords form, while an ultrasound can reveal heart abnormalities.

  • Week 19

As the genitals begin to form, the twins can now expel urine. The protective white substance called Vernix also appears.

  • Week 20

The twins’ awareness increases due to improved sense of hearing. They are also able to move their legs.

  • Week 21

Their white blood cells are working now.

  • Week 22

Facial features are in place and they weigh around 1 pound each.

  • Week 23

The pancreas starts to produce insulin.

  • Week 24

The lungs develop to maturity as the bones continue to harden.

  • Week 25

At 1.5 pounds each and 13 inches long, their spines, joints and ligaments form.

  • Week 26

The retinas start to form while the lungs’ air sacs continue to develop.

  • Week 27

The twins respond to light and they practice breathing.

Pregnant with Twins Week by Week: Third Trimester

  • Week 28

The eyelashes now become visible.

  • Week 29

The twins are 15 inches long at 2.5 pounds each.

  • Week 30

Blood production is done by the born marrow.

  • Week 31

Lanugo starts to shed off.

  • Week 32

The twins are 17 inches with fully-functional senses.

  • Week 33

The brains are developing so fast as the skull bones continue to harden.

  • Week 34

The twins are around 19.5 inches long and have been receiving antibodies from their mother.

  • Week 35

The babies are storing more fat.

  • Week 36

At 5.5 pounds each, their lungs have reached maturity.

Twin pregnancy is generally shorter than singleton pregnancy and is considered at term even before week 40.

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