Urine Infection During Pregnancy

Pregnancy requires you to take extra care of yourself especially in terms of personal hygiene. There are many diseases and infections that can effect pregnant women during pregnancy whose sole reason of occurrence is lack of cleanliness around the genital area. Urinary Tract Infection is one such ailment that occurs due to the bacteria which reach the urinary tract from the outside environment.

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Naturally the bacteria are not present in the urine or the urinary tract. They are present on the skin around the lower bowel region or in the faeces itself. They get inside the urinary tract from these sources and then can cause severe irritation and pain. Getting urine infection during pregnancy is easier because the urinary tract gets partially blocked due to pressure from the enlarged uterus. This results in more stagnant urine staying inside the system. Another reason can be the increase in the sugar levels of urine during pregnancy that accentuates the growth and multiplication of bacteria in the urinary tract. Pregnancy causes hormonal changes, that in turn renders the urinary tract vulnerable to infections. Small infections of the urethra and the urinary bladder if not treated timely can reach the kidneys and cause serious damage to these twin vital organs. Therefore the urine infection during pregnancy must be prevented and timely treated to avoid any complications in the future.


There are many symptoms of urinary tract infection that can help you know whether you have the infection or not. Some of these symptoms are:

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  • Burning sensation when urinating
  • Facing difficulties to urinate
  • Having the urge to urinate frequently
  • Experiencing cramps and burning sensations in the lower abdominal or the lower back area
  • A cloudy or an odorous urine which is not something that occurs in the day to day routine.

How to prevent a urine infection during pregnancy

Prevention is always better than cure and there are so many ways that women can make use of during pregnancy in order to prevent urine infection during pregnancy. First is the intake of extra amounts of fluids during the normal course of the day. This decreases the toxic concentration of urine that helps the bacteria multiply inside the tract. Water and cranberry juice are very helpful in this. Vitamins help you in fighting infections so it is mandatory that you include essential vitamins in your diet so that your body gets better immunity against all sorts of infections and diseases during pregnancy. Cleanliness is one of  the best ways to prevent all sorts of infections and not just urine infections. Taking showers and hot bubble bath during pregnancy  will help you prevent the urine infection. Wearing cotton underwear is a must during pregnancy and changing them daily is essential to keep the area clean and infection free. Non-cotton underwear attract and accumulate infection causing bacteria as they increase sweat in the genital area. It is always advisable to be in regular touch with your doctor, and during pregnancy, regular checkups are mandatory to keep your health in check.

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